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Čepičková, Jana , Mentlík, Pavel , Rohlíková, Lucie , Vejvodová, Jana
Nouzové distanční vzdělávání v době epidemie koronaviru – metodické infografiky na pomoc učitelům

This paper is conceived as an overview of the recommendations issued by the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen in the initial days of the state of emergency in order to support the methodological quality of the implementation of emergency distance education. In cooperation w...

Kuberská, Markéta , Masopust, Pavel , Kolářová, Lucie , Desenský, Petr , Slavík, Jan , Mentlík, Pavel
Dynamická místa kurikula jako most mezi formálním a neformálním vzděláváním

The aim of this theoretical-methodological study is to defi ne the construct of dynamic areas of curricula, to contextualize it, to describe the research methods of the construct, and to present examples of good practice. Th e term ‘dynamic area’ is defi ned and put into&...

Duffek, Václav , Kohout, Jiří , Kuberská, Markéta , Masopust, Pavel , Motlíková, Iva , Slavík, Jan , Stacke, Václav
K jádru učitelské práce: o didaktickém přístupu učitelů k učebním úlohám v době koronakrize (průzkum mezi plzeňskými učiteli)

The summary of the teacher’s basic approaches to the preparation and realization of learning tasks at the coronacrisis beginning is the main aim of this text. We are focusing on the way of the task’s assignments and on the teacher’s evaluation of pupil’s work across three...

Kout, Jiří
Ekologie a zeměpisné rozšíření lesklokorky Pfeifferovy (Ganoderma cupreolaccatum) v České republice

Ganoderma cupreolaccatum is the rarest Ganoderma species in the Czech Republic, having a scattered distribution in protected areas and at anthropogenic localities with old trees. The ecology and geographical distribution of G. cupreolaccatum in the Czech Republic was elaborated based on data...

Vlasák, Josef , Kout, Jiří , Chen, Quian , Dai, Yu-Cheng
Fuscoporia caymanensis sp. nov. (Basidiomycota, Hymenochaetaceae), a new species from tropical America

Fuscoporia caymanensis sp. nov. is described from tropical America. It is characterized by perennial, extensive, resupinate to indistinctly effused-reflexed basidiomata; a very thin to almost absent subiculum; multi-layered tubes with a black line between each layer; a dimitic hyphal system with&...

Pavelka, Jaroslav , Šmejda, Ladislav , Kučková, Štěpánka , Menšík, Petr
Challenge to molecular archaeology—Sediments contaminated by allochthonous animal proteins

In this work we proposed a novel methodological approach to detect and differentiate between cooked and uncooked animal meat protein in archaeological samples. We tested two groups of materials: ceramic dated to the early medieval period (9th–10th centuries CE) and soil samples collecte...

Mergl, Michal
The cuticles of (?) thylacocephalan arthropod from the Basal Choteč Event (Choteč Formation, Eifelian; Barrandian area, Czech Republic)

Small fragments of phosphatic cuticle have been observed in dark limestone of the early Eifelian age (Choteč Formation) in the interval of the Basal Choteč Event. The cuticle is two-layered, primarily folded, with a chamber between outer and inner walls. Fragments likely represent ...

Holec, Jan , Kout, Jiří
Pařezník tuhý ‒ panellus ringens – vzácná nebo přehlížená houba?

The article summarises data on the distribution and ecology of Panellus ringens in the Czech Republic. So far, only four localities are known, one in the Krkonoše Mts., two in Šumava Mts. and one in Tachovská brázda basin. All collections come from rather thin branches of...

Mergl, Michal
Problematic sclerites Eurytholia from the Lower and Middle Devonian of the Czech Republic

Problematic phosphatic sclerites Eurytholia are reported for the first time from the Middle Devonian. Unequivocal sclerites were observed in limestones of Emsian to late Eifelian age in six localities of the Barrandian area of the Central Bohemia of the Czech Republic. Formerly observed...

Walter, Jan , Kout, Jiří , Brandtlík, Aleš
Exkurze za čolky Plzeňska v rámci výuky biologie

Stacke, Václav , Duffek, Václav , Kuberská, Markéta , Vočadlová, Klára , Mentlík, Pavel
Jak na kritická místa ve výuce zeměpisu?

This paper presents results of our research on critical spots in geography education. Critical spots and their causes were identified using semi-structured in- terviews and focus groups with 6th grade teachers. Educational modules for five most critical identified spots (Maps, Geographic coo...

Chocholoušková, Zdeňka , Hajerová Müllerová, Lenka
Vliv terénní exkurze na modifikaci žákovských prekonceptů odborných pojmů

The contribution of field trip is outlined in the realized research, which, through cognitive mapping, makes it possible to record a quantitative and qualitative change/shift in the content of selected scientific terms. Pupils with a deeper interestin biology who completed a one-day...

Mergl, Michal
Dendritic microborings in brachiopod shells from the Silurian of the Barrandian area, Czech Republic

Four types of dendritic microborings preserved as natural casts were observed on the surfaces of brachiopod shells from the Silurian in Central Bohemia: Rhopalondendrina jakubinka isp. nov., ? Clionolithes isp., and an indeterminate dendrinid are of Llandovery (Aeronian) age, Clionolithes amoebae...

Mergl, Michal , Valenzuela-Ríos, José I.
Uniformity of tropical micromorphic brachiopods from the Lower Devonian: lingulates from the section Compte-I of Spanish Central Pyrenees.

Lingulate brachiopods of the Lochkovian and Pragian age from the Compte-I section in the Spanish Central Pyrenees are described to elucidate the evolutionary history of this brachiopod group. Precise bio- and chronostratigraphic position of the brachiopod association is supported by the cono...

Křenová, Zdeňka , Shelly, J Stephen , Chocholoušková, Zdeňka
Methods for monitoring alpine plant phenology: a pilot study in the line Creek Plateau research natural area, USA

Alpine plant phenological traits are studied and several hypotheses about their latitudinal variation are tested within a comparative research project, which is being conducted on groups od plant species for which relationschips are inferred from available phylogenies. The study sites for th...

Mergl, Michal
Lingulate brachiopods of Tremadocian age from the abandoned Gabriela Mine (Krušná Hora, Central Bohemia, Czech Republic)

Lingulate brachiopods are described from a lithic sandstone referred to the upper part of the Třenice Formation. Loose blocks were sampled from a dump of abandoned Gabriela Mine in Krušná Hora Hill near Beroun, Central Bohemia. Apart of the Acrotreta aff. grandis Klouček, 1919,...

Budil, Petr , Mergl, Michal
Trilobite assemblage of Calceola-bearing beds in Acanthopyge Limestone (Choteč formation, middle Devonian, Eifelian, Prague Basin, the Czech republic)

The trilobite assemblage of Calceola-bearing beds in the upper part of Acanthopyge Limestone (Choteč Formation, Eifelian) in the Koněprusy area, the Czech Republic, is described. Together with occurrence of Calceola, it indicates absence of significant palaeogeographic barriers restricting the distrib...

Mergl, Michal , Budil, Petr
Rhynchonelliform brachiopods and trilobites of the ‘upper dark interval’ in the Koněprusy Area (Devonian, Eifelian, Kačák Event; the Czech Republic)

The dark pelbiodetrital limestone beds of the ‘upper dark interval’ in the Koněprusy area, Central Bohemia, the Czech Republic, the assumed manifestation of the Kačák Event in this area, yielded a moderately diverse faunule of rhynchonelliform brachiopods and trilobites. In total, 15 sp...

Noháčová, Lucie , Žák, František , Hulec, Martin , Bělík, Milan , Olkhovskiy, Mikhail
The influence of load on the transformers on the size of their own losses

We examined the value of targeted molecular screening for the identification of uterine anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK)- rearranged mesenchymal tumors, including ALK immunohistochemistry followed by molecular genetic testing, in all uterine leiomyosarcomas and STUMPs (smooth muscle tumors of uncertain...

Malina, Ondřej , Musil, Jan , Netolický, Petr
Změny sídlištních struktur v okolí Ronova nad Doubravou

Chemical analysis of archaeological objects is an important part of current investigations. In the presented study, a soil from an archaeological vessel from rescue excavation close to the village Držovice (Central Moravia Region, Czech Republic; findings dated to Eneolithic period) was anal...

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