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Recent Submissions

Hrubá, Hana
Pozdně středověká keramika v jihozápadních Čechách

The thesis deals with kitchen and table pottery of the High- and Late Middle Ages in southwestern Bohemia. In terms of chronology whole time range is divided into two periods: first period covers time range from the second half of 13th century to the first half of&#x...

Chlevišťan, Jiří
Archeologie a vývoj lodní dopravy v pravěké Evropě. Historie, metody, prameny

Dissertation thesis is focused on prehistoric boat within european continent. There was gathered boat from teritory of 17 countries which was dated max. to 5th century BC or halstatt period. Attention was paid to chronological typological aspects of these boats, mainly to artefacts ...

Ježek, Josef
Mikroskopická analýza vybraných nožů z doby bronzové z Plzeňského kraje

The paper deals with the traseological (microscopic and macroscopic) analysis of the surface of five bronze knives (unique detector finds) from the Pilsen region, which have been added to the collections of the West Bohemian Museum in the last two years. The analysis was carri...

Krištuf, Petr , Krásný, Filip , Šteffl, Jindřich
Depot srpů a nově zjištěné hradiště (?) u obce Kluky na Mladoboleslavsku

The article deals with a hoard of sickles found at Kluky (Mladá Boleslav District). At a depth of 15–20cm, three sickles placed one above another were found (from top to bottom: sickle no. 1, no. 2 and no. 3). They were not accompanied by any pottery or other&#x...

Šálková, Tereza , Vobejda, Libor , Chvojka, Ondřej , Beneš, Jaromír , Vondrovský, Václav , Kuna, Martin , Křivánek, Roman , Menšík, Petr , Novák, Jan
Extensive archaeobotanical data estimate carrying capacity, duration, and land use of the Late Bronze Age settlement site Březnice (Czech Republic)

The reconstruction of the settlement´s hinterland and acquisition of plant resources is one of the crucial questions in the field of environmental archaeology. Our study is focused on the reconstruction of the settlement’s structure and character of the environment from which the site&#...