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Peterková, Eliška
Ornamentika pravěké keramiky

Ornamentation prehistoric pottery This dissertation examines the decoration on prehistoric ceramic containers. The first part discussed the issue ornaments on ceramics from a theoretical point of view. A general overview is presented ornament development in the Czech prehistory from the Neo...

Netolický, Petr
Etnoarcheologie staveb: komparativní výzkum tradiční architektury střední a východní Evropy

The thesis is concerned with archaeological sources, namely those which primarily relate to the development, the design and function of residential buildings from a rural but also urban environment between 6th-17th century. Current knowledge about the development, the design and function of&...

Plzák, Jindřich
Moderní dokumentační metody archeologických faktů

The thesis focuses on basic application of three-dimensional digital environment in archaeology. The thesis mainly consists of methods and options of artefact documentation using modern technology which have not been commonly used so far in archaeological research and fieldwork. Modern documentat...

Šteffl, Jindřich
Účel bronzových depotů

The main aim of this doctoral thesis lies in researching the purpose of bronze hoards and the crucial part of this research is based mainly on testing a newly created archaeological theoretical model which interprets hoards as estates of the deceased. This theoretical model wa...

Hlásek, Daniel
Eneoliticko-bronzový keramický komplex

The topic of this dissertation is the Aeneolithic-Bronze Age pottery complex . The complex consists of a stable range of various kinds of ceramic vessels which continuously reappeared in the territory of central Europe and southern Scandinavia for over three thousand years. Both be...