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Tlili, Václava
Podívejme se na islám antropologicky

Šašková, Kateřina
Assyrian Armory Palaces

The ancient Assyrians were renowned as fearless warriors and capable conquerors. Their achievements stemmed from the large and well-armed troops, but also from the sophisticatedly organized backgrounds that provided the necessary support to the army. Both archaeological and written sources from&#...

Corinne, Berger , Ben-Shalom, Uzi , Tarant, Zbyněk , Longo, Jay , DeDonno, Michael
The Influence of the Health Belief Model on the Decision to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine: An International Survey Study of College Students

To better prepare for a potential future pandemic, it is important to investigate factors that influenced responses to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. The aim of the present study was to investigate factors that influenced the decision to get the COVID-19 vaccine. The COVID-19 pandem...

Baumanová, Monika
The Element of Water in the Built Environment on the Precolonial Kenya Coast

With increasing urbanisation, understanding the variety of historical experience with water in the urban context becomes all the more relevant. Apart from representing an economic and environmental necessity, the physical and sensory access to freshwater is universally understood as socially desi...

Klik, Jan
Okolnosti a příčiny vzniku tajné služby SAVAK

This paper aims to illuminate the foreign policy, and internal security context, which contributed to the decision to establish an intelligence service and a secret police, both included in one all-embracing organization, SAVAK. The paper takes into account t...