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Recent Submissions

Polák, Michal
Heat and Pain Identity Statements and the Imaginability Argument

The aim of the first part of the paper is to expose that Kripke’s argument against type-identity theory does not rigorously distinguish the meaning of individual relata entering the identity relation, and therefore his claim about the faultiness of the analogy between propositions ...

Nikki, Nina , Kaše, Vojtěch , Špiclová, Zdeňka
The Cultural Evolution of Prototypical Paul in the First Five Centuries: A Distributional Semantic Analysis of Greek Christian Texts

The article uncovers how the first five centuries of Greek Christian texts reflect a changing understanding of Paul as a prototypical character. The study joins cognitive and social psy­chological theory of categorization in defining prototype as a highly contextual, fuzzy set of qualit...

Jedlička, Petr
Crombieho a Hackingovy styly a vědecká objektivita

The paper introduces two conceptions of styles - the "styles of scientific thinking" of historian Alistair C. Crombie's "styles of thinking" and philosopher Ian Hacking's "styles of thinking" - and thus fills a certain gap in the Czech environment, where they...

Kočandrle, Radim
Heaven as the Outermost Periphery of the Earth in Archaic Ionian Cosmologies

The conception of heaven in archaic Ionian cosmologies, which belong to the earliest Presocratic conceptions of the world, is due to meagre textual evidence hard to reconstruct. Current scholars, meanwhile, tend to agree that in the previous epic tradition, heaven was believed to f...

Kočandrle, Radim
První koncepce kulovité Země v antické kosmologii

Although it is not until we get to Aristotle that we can be absolutely certain of finding a spherical Earth in ancient cosmology, Diogenes Laertios considers it to have been first conceived by Pythagoras and Parmenides. In both cases, however, we in point of fact do ...