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Recent Submissions

Váně, Jan , Kalvas, František
Peace Polls as a Source of Inspiration for Homelessness Research

In the present study, we aim to acquaint the public with the results of the research on those experiencing homelessness in the city of Pilsen, which is the fourth largest city in the Czech Republic. The significance of our contribution is in the application of the me...

Kaňák, Jan , Váně, Jan
Špatně oblečený císař? Výzkum spirituality v sociálních vědách, analýza metodologických přístupů

The presented review article is based on the context of clashes/encounters in spirituality and social sciences. It focuses on the framework of methodological considerations for the study of spirituality. The study aims to answer the question: What thematic units appear in the conte...

Růžičková, Veronika , Syrovátková, Štěpánka
Učební strategie studentů VŠ během distanční výuky - didaktická studie

The study is focused on learning strategies mastered by students of the study programme “Kindergarten Pedagogy” during distance learning of the two-term unit Music Education in Kindergartens and further used in the subject of DIMŠ1 (Didactics of Music Education 1). The aim of the&#...

Glajchová, Alena , Hlaváčková, Eva , Holá, Jana , Moravcová, Markéta
Job satisfaction of general nurses in standard and intensive care units: “The nurse is a jack-of-all-trades!”

New trends in providing healthcare are dynamically changing the field and increasing demands on healthcare staff. The adequate capacity and training of healthcare staff is considered an essential measure of the quality of the provided care. The shortage of health personnel is becoming&#...

Hasmanová Marhánková, Jaroslava
Voices from Silence? Reflections on ‘Coming out’ in Socialist Czechoslovakia

The region of Central and Eastern Europe and oppressive social conditions in former socialist society often became symbols of the impossibility to articulate non-heterosexual identities under the conditions of a totalitarian regime. This study analyzes data from 19 in-depth interviews with p...