Inženýrství speciálních materiálů / Engineering of special materials (CT2)


Recent Submissions

Šesták, Jaroslav
Are nonisothermal kinetics fearing historical Newton's cooling law, or are just afraid of inbuilt complications due to undesirable thermal inertia?

Relations between the magnitude of the change of the ratios of crystallization and melting temperature with glass transition temperature, that is Tc/Tg and Tm/Tg, determine the order of the values of relative change of glass stability (GS) parameters dKH/KH, dKW/KW and dK...

Holba, Pavel
Teplotní závislost aktivační energie endotermických procesů a odpovídající nepřesnost kinetických vyhodnocování

The of observed dependences between activation energy and equilibrium temperature of process is sourced by insufficiency of kinetic equation dα/dt = f(α) Z exp(−E/RT) which ensures no regards to the fact that endothermic (i.e. enantiotropic) processes (like melting) can be realized ...

Holba, Pavel
Šestákův návrh nového termínu "tempericita" pro nerovnovážné teploty a modifikovaná Tykodiho klasifikace věd o teple s ohledem na metody termické analýzy

The equilibrium (thermodynamic) temperature of a body is defined by zeroth law of thermodynamics as a quantity obtained by thermometer as a result of thermal equilibrium between the body and the thermometer. However, the term temperature is also used for description of any instanta...

Červinka, Ladislav , Holba, Pavel
Skla na bázi CdAs2: vztah k rovnovážným krystalickým fázím

An attempt is made to correlate some results obtained during the investigation of glasses of CdXxAs2 systems. It is pointed out that CdAs2 has a unique position among the other di-arsenides because of the very short As–As distance. A correlation was found between the region&#x...