Ročník 2011


Recent Submissions

Cingroš, Filip , Kuba, Jan
Investigation and diagnostic of magnetic control of cryogenic heat pipes

This paper deals with heat pipes controlled by a static magnetic field. In our previous work we have investigated possibilities of practical use of this method in several types of heat pipes. The major problem seems to be a suitable working fluid with sufficient magnetic ...

Hájek, Jiří , Papež, Václav
Aspekty měření šumu 1/f výkonových polovodičových prvků

Ďurman, Vladimír , Lelák, Jaroslav
Radiation ageing of flame retardant XLPE Cables

The paper discusses the possibilities of using capacitance and tan  measurements in the range of very low frequencies for investigation of the influence of radiation on the special LOCA cross-linked polyethylene flame retardant cable dielectric. It was found that the measured and ...

Marton, Karol , Cimbala, Roman , Kalcunová, Iraida , Király, Jozef , Tomčo, Ladislav , Timko, Milan , Kopčanský, Peter , Molčan, M.
Magnetodielectric anisotropy in magnetic fluids in temperature interval from 20 °C to 80 °C

Substitution of transformer oil as insulator medium by magnetic fluid in transformers requires observation of electric properties of magnetic fluids at temperatures higher than 20 °C. That´s why important physical quantities were measured at temperature in interval from 20 °C to 80 °C.&...

Brandt, Martin , Michalík, Jan , Seewald, Robert , Sedlák, Jozef
Measurement of railway traction transformer using by SFRA method

The paper deals with measurement of railway traction transformer using by Sweep Frequency Response Analysis method (SFRA). It was the first measurement of traction transformer SFRA characteristics. In this paper are given reference measurements as well as measurements after type test of ...