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Zeman, Vladimír , Hlaváč, Zdeněk
Modelling of the friction-vibration interactions in reactor core barrel couplings

The key-groove couplings between the lower part of core barrel and reactor pressure vessel in the nuclear VVER-type reactor show assembly side clearances. Vibration of reactor components, caused by coolant pressure pulsations generated by main circulation pumps, produces impulse and friction ...

Vychytil, Jan , Holeček, Miroslav
Development of a constitutive model of soft tissues for FE analyses using a bottom-up approach

This paper presents the development of a two-scale anisotropic hyperelastic material model whose microstructure is motivated by the arrangement of soft tissues. In a bottom-up approach, we start at the microscale, identifying the components that are relevant for our model. These components&#...

Pannachet, Tanyada , Triyotee, Surachai , Boonpichetvong, Maetee
Numerical instability in the element-free Galerkin method for bi-material modeling

This paper presents numerical results from modeling of bi-material problems using the element-free Galerkin method. The conventional EFG shape functions do not pass through the nodal data, imposition of nodal constraints brings difficulties, thus some special technique...

Krejčová, Milada , Holeček, Miroslav
Influence of boundary conditions on stochastic movement of biological molecular motors

The aim of this work is to show the use of statistical physics in biomechanics, especially for modelling a muscle on molecular level. To approximate stochastic (Markovian) evolution in the spatial variable of muscle configuration, we solve the Fokker-Planck equation with the use of...

Kaňáková, Sandra , Kottner, Radek
Identification of material properties of foam used in motorcyclist protective equipment based on obtained experimental data and optimization algorithm

This article deals with the material parameters identification of foam used in motorcyclist protective equipment, such as a shoulder pad. Experiments, namely a compression, a tension and an impact test were performed to obtain source and target data. The low-density foam material model&...

Askarova, Aliya , Maximov, Valeriy , Bolegenova, Saltanat , Bolegenova, Symbat , Yergaliyeva, Aigul Balatbekovna , Šafařík, Pavel
Investigation of heat and mass transfer processes in the combustion chambe of industrial power plant boiler. Part 2. Distribution of concentrations of O2, CO, CO2, NO

In the present paper, a study of furnace processes in the combustion chamber of the real energy boiler BKZ-160 of Almaty TPP-3 (Kazakhstan) using three-dimensional modeling methods has been carried out. Calculations of the combustion chamber for flame combustion of pulverized coal have&...

Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 1 až 6 z 6