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Skřivan, Lukáš , Vacek, Jiří
Innovation Opportunities and Challenges in SMEs in Selected European Countries

The global economy is due to the pandemic COVID-19 at the stage where it is necessary to determine the future direction. Vaccination is already underway around the world and international trade is slowly returning to normal. For organizations, this situation is very difficult to&#x...

Nosková, Marta , Taušl Procházková, Petra
Balance Sheet Rules and Their Ability to Influence Business Performance

In the Czech Republic, balance sheet rules represent well known theory that is recommended to enterprises to follow in order to achieve long-term financial balance and stability. Aim of this paper is to analyze, what impact the compliance with the rules has on businesses in&#x...

Zárubová, Lucie , Švecová, Lenka
The Willingness to Devote Time to Volunteers Projects in Relation to Volunteers Practice

Burial mounds are considered as a typical monument of the Early and Middle Bronze Age in southern Bohemia, representing the only form of graves within BA–BC2 in the area. Although the existing literature has stated hundreds of burial mounds at dozens of cemeteries, after a...

Nosková, Marta
Enterprise performance indicators and their use for strategic management – empirical evidence in globalized word

Research background: The article deals with the volunteering. The relationship between school and volunteer orientation is compared among respondents preparing for the future labor market, ie high school and university students of various specializations who study in the Czech Republic. Students&...

Švecová, Lenka , Zárubová, Lucie , Fanta, Petr
Process and project excellence

The article uses the content analysis to answer questions about the use of external consultants or internal personal sources to lead the pre-project documentation and whole project process which are financed by EU structural funds. The article mentions further financing of projects, use...

Taušl Procházková, Petra , Mičudová, Kateřina
Social enterprises from the perspective of Czech environment: practice and selected aspects

Social enterprises are seen as an innovative part of the Czech economy. They possess the ability to provide innovative business models, the social mission of which is accomplished by carrying out economic activity. Many Czech social enterprises have arisen from the non-profit sector...

Kutlák, Jiří
Motivation Drivers and Barriers of Generation Z at Work: MEBS Method

Generation Z, the youngest economically active generation in the labor markets, is currently entering its professional life. As with previous generations, representatives of the generation Z (1995-2010) are typical for their characteristics, attitudes or requirements. For companies, the task then ...

Faifr, Adam
Use of Project Management Maturity Models as a Evaluation Framework for Project Risk Maturity Assessment

Management of project risks has a significant impact on the success of the entire project. The importance of project risk management also means the need for continuous measurement and development of this area. Considering the existence of few specialized maturity models for this ar...

Koropets, Olga , Polents, Ilona
Features of Employees' Perception of Toxic Factors of the Workplace Depending on the Degree of their Emotional Burnout

The paper is devoted to the problem of a toxic workplace and the examination of its effect on the emotional burnout of employees. The purpose of this study is to reveal the peculiar properties of the attitude of workers with varying degrees of burnout syndrome to org...

Dvořáková, Zuzana , Polents, Ilona , Němečková, Iveta
Employment and Learning in the Context of the Quality of Working Life

The society and labor markets are preparing for the global competition with robots, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of things. By addressing the bibliometric research deficit from an international literature perspective, this study explores the thematic evolution and the state of e...

Kutlák, Jiří
Expectations of Generation Z from Perspective of Employers: The Delphi Method

This paper aims to identify the factors and areas that Generation Z expects from its employers. However, these expectations are not identified by the representatives of the Z generation themselves, but by the employers themselves represented by HR specialists from Czech companies. For&#...

Zárubová, Lucie , Švecová, Lenka
Does a Difference Between Volunteers and Other People’s Focus on Self-Development Targeting Exist?

The paper deals with the topic of volunteering in the Czech Republic. The motivation of volunteers consists of several motivators that are individually different. The volunteer is not financially rewarded for their work, so it is important to know their volunteering initiative. Is ...

Taušl Procházková, Petra , Machová, Kristýna
Social enterprises in the Czech Republic: selected aspects

Main goal of the paper is to contribute to the level of knowledge on the social enterprises´ characteristics in the Czech Republic. Special focus is placed to selected aspects, perception of barriers of social enteprises´ development and selected aspects of management. We confirmed ...

Zárubová, Lucie , Švecová, Lenka
Does a difference in the motivation of volunteers and other people exist?

Pavlák, Miroslav , Petrů, Naděžda , Blažek, Lukáš
Innovation activities at start-ups as an instrument of their competitiveness

The presented article analyzes the implementation process of innovation model within start-ups; and identifies key success factors of start-ups in a competitive environment. The attention is also paid to the internationalization of Czech start-ups. The theoretical part is aimed at general is...

Zárubová, Lucie , Švecová, Lenka
Is volunteering a way how students get the practice?

The paper discusses the topic of the volunteering. The motivation of volunteers consists of several motivators, which are individually different. The motivator of students can be to acquire the practice to current focus of study. Is volunteering linked to training for future careers?&#x...

Černá, Marie , Velíšková, Veronika
Use of controlling tools for business processes optimization

Controlling is taken as the discipline influencing effectiveness and competitiveness of business units. Controlling offers tools daily used by managers of the companies who ensure this way smooth running of all business activities, mainly planning, controlling and management. Objective of this&#x...

Machová, Kristýna , Taušl Procházková, Petra
Start-ups Mapping in the Czech Republic

The paper aims to map start-up segment in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part works with the research questions “How to define start-up? What is basic characteristics of start-up ventures?”. Also, sustainable elements of start-up activities are discussed, since the start-up activity...

Nosková, Marta
Business Intelligence usage in SMEs: A case of the Czech Republic

Business Intelligence (BI) is able to support decision-making process of enterprises management enabling to provide the right information, at the right time. This article aims to investigate the scope of BI implementation among the Small and Medium enterprises in the Czech Republic and&...

Skřivan, Lukáš , Sova Martinovský, Václav
Usability of cloud computing: a comparison study between IT companies in the Czech Republic and the USA

Cloud computing is currently a rapidly emerging, worldwide platform. It creates a new layer on top of the current hardware and software that enables companies to accelerate existing processes, effectively use resources or create brand new products. Therefore, it is necessary to know...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 24