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Recent Submissions

Kouba, Přemysl
Nové komunikační rozhraní pro služby DCIx

The main topic of this master's thesis is a proposal for a new communication interface for system services of the application DCIx created by the AIMTEC a.s. Part of the thesis is research of accessible technologies for monitoring. However, none of the researched technologies&#...

Reismüllerová, Jindřiška
Alternativní techniky trénování vrstevnatých neuronových sítí

The main goal of this master's thesis is to design and implement an innovative technique of neural network training, an alternative to backpropagation. The idea is to design a method more corresponding to real biological processes of the central nervous system of living organis...

Vaněk, Jakub
ETL nástroj pro konverzi OpenStreetMap dat do datové struktury nástroje TrafficModeller

Goal of this thesis is to create data for Traffic Modeller tool using OpenStreetMap data. This thesis describes and uses knowledge aboud geographic data and ETL tools. In the opening part geographic data, ETL process and tools relevant for this thesis are introduced. In the&#x...

Lehečka, Jaroslav
Aplikace metod pro rozšíření datové sady EEG záznamu

These days is research on dementia is connected with computer science. Data processing could be performed using various methods - mainly machine learning. These methods require sufficient input data in the appropriate quality. This is the only way to reach the set valules.&#...

Rubáš, Jan
Nalezení vhodné aplikační oblasti pro modul EEG-SMT firmy Olimex

The main topic of this thesis is explore affordable device EEG-SMT from Olimex and find suitable area of use. After considering all possible areas, the work further focuses on the use of recognition devices SSVEP stimuli. For generating visual stimuly it was used ...