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Kaplan, Aleš
Analýza energetické bilance v teplárně a návrh na inovaci

This article is focused on energy balance of cogeneration power plant in Pilsen in the Czech Republic. Basic parameters of this power station are described and diagrams of average power balance in 2010 are presented. This analysis is focused on consumption of primary fuels, se...

Ďurman, Vladimír
Factors affecting the results of electrical insulation diagnostic tests

In this paper the influence of some transient phenomena on the results of dielectric measurements is discussed. The investigation is concerned with the region of very low frequencies or the region of very long times. Based on the solution of Maxwell equations three phenomena w...

Motyčka, Martin
ANOVA – Základní metoda vyhodnocování experimentů

Industrial experiments are a fundamental tool to ensure quality production. It has an essential role especially in the initial development of the product and the subsequent quality improvement. For statistical evaluation is necessary to use a systematic design of the experiment. Basic s...

Morte, Michal
Využití palivových článků v terciárním sektoru

A possibility of massive utilization of fuel cells in tertiary sector is the main topic of the article. It starts with description of the shift in a definition of the extent of renewables (RES), then continues with a description of large „stand-alone“ RES system with accu...

Šimonová, Lucie
Podmínky pro solární systémy na ostrovech v oblasti středomoří

Based on the continuous development of all countries are increasing demands on human comfort, simplification of work and thus the energy. Likewise, increasing the demands on the use of all available methods to easily obtain this energy, environmentally friendly and inexpensive. But ener...