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Polanský, J.
Modelling unstable operation of compressors

Psutka, Josef , Psutka, Josef
Sample Size for Maximum-Likelihood Estimates of Gaussian Model Depending on Dimensionality of Pattern Space

Growing awareness towards the sustainability has compelled supply chain domain experts to explore its relevance in this context. As a result, a number of studies in recent years have focused on investigating sustainable supply chain practices across the globe. Short food supply chains&#...

Zuzjak, Ladislav , Tureček, Oldřich
Advanced method for measurement of parameters of multi-channel sound systems

Multi-channel sound systems are very often used in many areas. One of the significant areas is playback of music in the entertainment industry. A specific area is high-quality car sound system. At present, the sound systems in the automotive are realized using multi-channel loudspe...

Bouzek, Stanislav , Tureček, Oldřich
Possibilities of verifying the parameters of the absorbing elements using the loudspeaker

This paper deals with other option of determination of the acoustic absorbing materials parameters. Simplified procedures are often used to design new absorbing elements. These procedures are based on an ideal model or previous experience. The result is often quite inaccurate. To verify...

Švehla, Michal
Modelování vybraných podnikových procesů

This paper deals with a modeling of business processes in Rohde & Schwarz an electrical engineering company and their analysis. Business processes are selected for one specific end-production line of their best device. Models and analysis will later serve as a foundation for ch...

Suchý, Stanislav , Soukup, Radek
Optimalizace technologického procesu vyšívání elektronických prvků pro chytré textilie

This paper deals with an optimization of the embroidery process for realization of textile based electronic components for smart textile applications. During the testing, the most of the attention was paid to the parameters that influence the conductivity of embroidered paths with diffe...

Šlauf, Josef , Řeboun, Jan
Charakterizace tištěných senzorů vlhkosti

This paper describes the characterization of chemically sensitive printed sensors based on interdigital topology. It´s long-term stability, properties depending on the type of environment, method of calibration and the level of accuracy achieved with the chosen measuring apparatus were measured. ...

Skřivan, Jan , Blecha, Tomáš
Testování senzorů natažení integrované v kompresních ponožkách

The work is focused on the development of textiles with implemented electronic elements and sensors (hereinafter referred to as smart textiles) intended for long-term monitoring of patients with lower limb edema. This paper presents socks with integrated sensors that allow the lower lim...

Šíma, Karel
Rozšíření, úprava a ověření testovacího systému tištěných senzorů pro testování RH senzorů

The paper focuses on the extension, modification a verification of the testing system for printed sensors. The first part of this paper describes the modifications of the system. The main modifications are: sending data through the LoRa LPWAN and extension from two measuring channe...

Navrátil, Jiří , Hirman, Martin
Kontaktování SMD součástek na flexibilní DPS s pomocí nevodivých lepidel

The paper deals with the connection of SMD chip resistors on the flexible substrate by electrically conductive and non-conductive adhesives. UV curable non-conductive adhesive and epoxy non-conductive adhesive were used in the experiment. The target of the experiment proved that the connecti...

Mužík, Martin , Trnka, Pavel
Návrh online diagnostického systému

This paper describes the possibilities which we have for monitoring of transformers. The basic information of diagnostic systems as offline or online are presented. The main point of this work is research of possibilities of the commercial sensors and systems for the online monitor...

Michal, Ondřej , Hornak, Jaroslav , Mentlík, Václav
Testování matematických modelů pro predikci relativní permitivity nanokompozitního systému

Composite materials and determination of their properties is a muchdiscussed topic not only in the field of the high voltage insulation systems. In this field, one of the most important parameters which may be determined is relative permittivity, also known as the dielectric consta...

Michal, David , Řeboun, Jan
Kontaktní struktury na textilních substrátech

This paper deals with contact structures on textile substrates. The topic of contact structures is important, because of it being the weakest link in the field of smart textiles. Once the conductive paths of a product are destroyed, the whole product is useless. Necessity of&#...

Kalčík, Jan , Soukup, Radek
Vyšívaný teplotní senzor

This paper deals with an embroidered temperature sensor, which is based on hybrid resistive thread. The response of embroidered temperature sensors to rapid temperature changes between -40 °C and 125 °C was studied and compared with standardized platinum resistance temperature sensors Pt1000...

Kalaš, David
Systém pro testování tepelné izolace ochranných rukavic

This paper deals with the development of a system for testing of thermal insulation of protective gloves. presents and Design and construction of the testing equipment with a radiant heat source and a 3D human hand model is described in the introduction of this paper. The...

Hlína, Jiří , Řeboun, Jan , Hamáček, Aleš
Vlastnosti vícevrstvých TPC struktur

This paper is focused on multilayer Thick Printed Copper (TPC) structures on alumina substrates and the testing of their mechanical and electrical properties. Multilayer thick printed copper is a new prospective technology based on sequential printing of copper and dielectric films and ...

Bouzek, Stanislav , Tureček, Oldřich
Měření akustických rezonančních pohltivých prvků

This paper deals with possibilities of measuring resonance frequency of absorbing elements using the loudspeaker. Commonly used methods for determine absorbtion coefficient α are not suitable for prototypes design. For verification in the reverberation chamber a large sample area is required....

Totzauer, Pavel
Stárnutí kompozitních materiálů různými druhy napětí

This paper describes the assessing the lifetime curves of composite insulation under different kind of voltage stress. This covers several areas that are important for using the electrical insulation properly. First one is the composite insulation. The use of this kind of insulation...

Kadlec, Petr
Vliv zpracovatelských přísad a antidegradantů na dielektrické vlastnosti kompozitů PE/HNT

This contribution deals with an assessment of the impact of selected additives on properties of composites, which are composed of polyethylene polymer matrix and halloysite nanotubes as a filler. Attention is paid to the impact of the selected mixture of additives on d...

Bystřický, Tomáš , Soukup, Radek , Hamáček, Aleš
Textrody pro dlouhodobé měření EKG integrované ve Smart textiliích

This paper presents research and development of fully integrated textile electrodes for continuous measurement of electrocardiograph (ECG) signals. These Textrodes are fully integrated, skin friendly, antibacterial, flexible and washable. In close cooperation with two SME textile companies were done w...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 29