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Recent Submissions

Roubal, Tomáš
Regularita zobrazení

In this thesis we set ourselves the task to present regularity properties of mappings, basic results for them, and Newton-type methods for solving (generalized) equations. The Chapter 1 is divided into two sections. In the rst section, we motivated our considerations by�...

Prošková, Jitka
Aplikace duálních kvaternionů na vybrané problémy

In recent years, the study of quaternions has become an active research area of applied geometry, mainly due to an elegant and efficient possibility to represent using them rotations in three dimensional space. Thanks to their distinguished properties, quaternions are often used in ...

Šiková, Karolína
\vyraz{L(p,q)} - ohodnocení grafů

This thesis deals with a L(2,1)-labelling of graphs and studies upper and lower bounds on the number lambda(2,1). The thesis further summarizes known results on the number lambda(2,1) of basic graphs classes, planar graphs, Cartesian products of graphs, circular graphs, Kneser graphs, s...

Vacínová, Karolína
Detailní finanční analýza vybraného podniku

The focus of this thesis is on a group of selected indicators for evaluating the financial health of a business. The goal is to create a model for complex financial analysis including the areas of absolute, differential and ratio indicators, and the pyramidal decomposition&#x...

Ondříček, Jan
Vybrané prediktivní modely pro výsledky zápasů NBA

The aim of this thesis is to try to predict NBA results using selected ranking models and to compare the predictive success of these models with each other and with a betting office. Three models were selected, namely Keener's method, Elo rating and PageRank. For each...