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Beshajová Pelikánová, I. , Vaněk, P.
The Nonconductive Sputtered Thin Film Layer

The work is focused on topic of dielectrics layers prepared by thin film layer technology, specifically by sputtering. Set of samples of thin film capacitors was prepared. Samples differ by different conditions of preparation of dielectric layer. Dielectric layers were deposited by sput...

Bouřa, A.
Simple and affordable circuit for energy harvesting applications

The paper presents a circuit structure that can be used as an energy harvester. It is intended for photovoltaic panels (PV) or other sources of energy that can provide enough voltage level but that can source only low currents. The circuit is able to accumulate the e...

Búran, M. , Řezníček, M.
Application of the wirebonding technology in the hot wire anemometry

The study deals with the possibility of using wire-bonding technology in hot-wire anemometry. In general, anemometry deals with measuring the velocity and the direction of flow. In the case of hot-wire anemometry, the sensors with hot wire. In this work are inscribed information ab...

Hirman, M. , Steiner, F.
Optimization of apertures shapes in stencil for eca printing to connecting of smd components on pcbs

This paper deals with the influence of different apertures shape in stencil on mechanical shear strength, electrical resistance and insulation distance. In the experiment, the SMD chip components 0805 were assembled on flexible substrate by electrically conductive adhesives (MG 8331S, CA 315...

Hrubý, L. , Pavlík, M.
Power Supply for Space Applications

The following work deals with design of a switched mode power supply. In this essay, there is a basic description of analyzes that are required for space design. Also there is a selection of devices which could be used in final device. The SMPS will be designed ...