Title: „Padlé“ plzeňské ženy v 19. století
Authors: Maňáková, Barbora
Citation: Bohemiae occidentalis historica: odborný časopis pro české dějiny s důrazem na západní Čechy a s přesahy do příhraničních regionů, zvláště do Bavorska. 2015, roč. 1, č. 2.
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: viaCentrum
Document type: článek
URI: http://fpe.zcu.cz/khi/periodika.html
ISSN: 2336-7547
Keywords: prostituce;nevěstince;Plzeň;přísná regulace;abolicionismus;prohibice;19. století
Keywords in different language: prostitution;brothels;Pilsen;reglementation;abolicionism;prohibition;19th century
Abstract in different language: The thesis deals with the history of prostitution in Pilsen and other pathological phenomena related to it. Thesis is focused on the preface to the issue of prostitution and legal approaches which are defi ned to prostitution. Pivotal part is about brothels in Pilsen in the 19th century and their distribution along with comparison of Pilsen with other cities at the same time. The work also probes into the data of registry offi ce that illustrates the number of illegitimate births in 19th century London.
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Číslo 2 (2015)

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