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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Electrical properties optimization of stripline for EMC testing of automotive partsKubík, Zdeněk; Skála, Jiří
2017Accuracy analysis of a new reference-free digital temperature sensor in CMOSRehman, Sami Ur
2017High voltage RF generator and compensation network for a FFT ion trap mass spectrometerSchmidt, Michael; Brockhaus, Albrecht; Butzmann, Stefan; Aliman, Michel
2017Using chaos eye method to diagnose power capacitorsWang, Meng-Hui; Hsieh, Meng-Ju; Lu, Shiue-Der; Ye, Guang-Ci; Yu, Kuo-Nan; Lai, Hsiang-Yueh
2017Feature generation for seismic and acoustic signals based on Hilbert-Huang transformBerešík, Roman; Puttera, Jozef; Jurčo, Jozef
2017Experimental ripple suppression performance of a virtual infinite capacitorLin, Shuyue; Qi, Pengyuan; Lin, Jun; Zhao, Xiaowei; Weiss, George; Ran, Li
2017Nonlinear large signal analysis of high Q RF energy harvesting circuitsMerz, Christian; Kupris, Gerald
2017Theoretical evaluation of bifurcation in dependence on resonance frequency in two-coil inductive power transferKošík, Michal; Fajtl, Radek; Lettl, Jiří
2017Detector for terahertz applications based on a serpentine array of integrated GaAs/InGaAs/AlGaAs-field-effect transistorsYermolaev, Denis Mikhailovich; Khmyrova, Irina; Polushkin, Evgeny; Kovalchuk, Anatoly; Gavrilenko, Vladimir; Maremyanin, Kirill; Maleev, Nikolai; Ustinov, Victor; Zemlyakov, Valeriy; Bespalov, Vladimir Alexandrovič; Egorkin, Vladimir; Popov, Viacheslav; Shapoval, Sergei
2017A 79μW 0.24mm28-channel neural signal recording front-end integrated circuitRehman, Sami Ur; Kamboh, Awais; Yang, Yuning
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