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Walach, Václav
Sociálně vyloučené lokality mezi stigmatizací a sekuritizací: výzkumná re-orientace

The research project presented here emerges from my long-term interest in the meaning of security in relation to socially excluded localities. These places have become a hot spot in the Czech Republic, as their partly Romany populations are accused of the higher rates of crimi...

Vorlová, Tereza
Kulturní diplomacie v USA a Rusku po konci studené války

Cultural diplomacy had witnessed the greatest boom after the Second World War, when it became a full-fledged part of foreign policy on both sides of the Iron Curtain. This project addresses the question - what changes occurred in the understanding of cultural diplomacy with th...

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Naxera, Vladimír , Krčál, Petr
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