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Fang, Lei , Zhang, Xuewei , Feng, Zihua , Cao, Ce
Effects of high-speed rail construction on the evolution of industrial agglomeration: evidence from three Great Bay Areas in China

High-speed rail is an important transportation infrastructure that can promote regional economic growth and adjust industrial layout. To explore the impact of high-speed rail construction on the industrial spatial layout of China’s Bay Area, the effects of high-speed rail construction on ind...

Hejduková, Pavlína , Kureková, Lucie
A model of internal migration: an extended neo-classical migration model and evaluation of regional migration determinants in Poland

The goal of this paper was to carry out an empirical verification of the theoretical model of internal migration and evaluate the influence of selected determinants on internal migration in Poland. In order to achieve this goal, an analysis of internal migration in Poland and&...

Bednářová, Pavla
The evaluation of the government draft lobbying act in the Czech Republic beyond the framework of ria

On July 30, 2019 a draft Lobbying Act was approved by the government of the Czech Republic, which reflects growing tendencies to adopt at least minimum normative standards in this area. The aim of the article is to evaluate the lobbying regulatory system in the draft ...

Çera, Gentjan , Phan, Quyen Phu Thi , Androniceanu, Armenia , Çera, Edmond
Financial capability and technology implications for online shopping

To promote online shoppers’ long-term interest, consumers need to have the knowledge and ability to avoid problems with financial issues. Financial capability helps to put consumers on the path to a sustainable financial future. However, previous studies only focused on financial capability&...

Bayar, Yilmaz , Remeikienė, Rita , Žufan, Jan , Novotný, Miloslav
Unemployment effects of greenfield and brownfield investments in post-transition European Union members

International direct and portfolio investments have gone up considerably as of mid-1980s. The foreign direct investments with characteristic of long term horizon may affect the economic variables through know-how and technology transfer, physical capital expansion, and new job creation. However, ...