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Abushamah, Hussein Abdulkareem Sale , Mašata, David , Müller, Michael , Škoda, Radek
Economics of reusing spent nuclear fuel by Teplator for district heating applications

The Teplator is a nuclear heat-only reactor under development in the Czech Republic, which uses already irradiated spent nuclear fuel (SNF). This study aims to assess the feasibility of integrating this technology with district heating systems (DHSs) compared with other heating technologies....

Síťař, Vladislav , Vysloužil, Tomáš , Raková, Lenka , Hruška, Tomáš
The power load model for electric vehicle charging modelling and its utilisation for voltage level studies and cables ampacity in distribution grid

When electrical energy is drawn by electric vehicles from charging stations at charging process the voltage drops and increased current loading of cable lines in distribution grid occur. Inasmuch the electrical grid is insufficiently dimensioned or at large amount electric vehicles concurren...

Kurzweil, Peter , Schell, Christian , Haller, Rainer , Trnka, Pavel , Hornak, Jaroslav
Environmental impact and aging properties of natural and synthetic transformer oils under electrical stress conditions

Against the background of environmental compatibility and unrestricted technical usability, synthetic, and natural transformer oils are critically compared in long-term tests under high voltage using electrical and instrumental analytical methods. Synthetic alkyl esters of pentaerythrol appear to be sustai...

Abushamah, Hussein Abdulkareem Sale , Haghifam, Mahmoudreza , Bolandi, T. Ghanizadeh
A novel approach for distributed generation expansion planning considering its added value compared with centralized generation expansion

Technological progress of distributed generation (DG) units, global approach to reduce the pollution emissions, and creating the opportunity for local investors to participate in the generation expansion investment, are some of the important reasons to involve the DG as an alternative option...

Hájek, Jiří , Rot, David , Čubrová, Jana , Jiřinec, Jakub
Induction annealing of austenitic spring steels for nuclear reactors

This article aims to explain the mechanism of heat transfer between melt and cold crucible (CC) in processes referred to as induction skull melting (ISM). Several experiments were performed for this purpose. In these experiments, all relevant electrical and mechanical quantities that af...

Rot, David , Hrbek, Jan , Jiřinec, Jakub
Heat transfer in induction melting of aluminum oxide in cold crucible

This paper presents a research study detailing the procedure and results of experimental eye-tracking research to evaluate employers' career websites. The objective of this research was to gain an insight into Generation Y's perspective on the career websites of prospective employers....

Knedlík, Michal , Rot, David , Hrbek, Jan
Manipulation system for measuring heat flux in radioactive melt

This paper describes designing and experimental trials of an induction annealing method for AISI 321H austenitic steel wires. Specifically, it explores the feasibility of incorporating an existing frequency controller into a wire drawing line to provide induction heating of the wire stock&#x...

Olkhovskiy, Mikhail , Müllerová, Eva , Martínek, Petr
Impulse signals classification using one dimensional convolutional neural network

The main purpose of this work is to propose a modern one-dimensional convolutional neural network (1 D CNN) configurations for distinguishing separate PD impulses from different types of PD sources while the parameters of these sources are changed. Three PD sources were built for&#...

Sprinzl, Daniel , Krýsl, V. , Mikoláš, Pavel , Závorka, Jiří , Tímr, Jan , Bilodid, Y. , Temesvári, Emese , Pós, István , Kalinin, Yu P. , Shcherenko, Anastasia I. , Aleshin, Sergey S. , Bahadir, Tamer
"Full-Core" VVER-1000 calculation benchmark

This work deals with the “Full-Core” VVER-1000 calculation benchmark which was proposed on the 26th Symposium of AER [1]. Recently, the calculation benchmarks “Full-Core” VVER-440 [2] and its extension [3] have been introduced in the AER community with positive response [4, 5]. Therefor...

Závorka, Jiří , Svobodová, Miroslava , Mikoláš, Pavel , Vimpel, Jan , Sprinzl, Daniel , Lovecký, Martin
Solution of full-core VVER-440 PK-3+calculation benchmark by serpent

This work deals with the updated reference solution of the Full-Core VVER-440 PK-3+ benchmark which is based on the extended calculation benchmark from 2018. [1] The modification consists of a new type of fuel assembly with PK-3 design in the loading pattern. The main aim ...

Rot, David , Knedlík, Michal
Zařízení studeného kelímku pro tavení oxidů kovů

This article aims to present unique equipment of a cold crucible (CC) that allows induction melting of metal oxides (the so-called induction skull melting – ISM). Melting is based on the principle of induction heating, in which energy is transferred from the inductor to the&#x...

Rot, David
Indukční tavba oxidu hlinitého v zařízení studeného kelímku

This paper describes the experimental induction skull melting (ISM) of Al2O3 in a cold crucible (CC). The realization of the experiment consists of the preparation of segmental CC for melting. Starting-material (aluminum) overheating and initiation of an exothermic reaction. Gradual melting ...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 12 of 12