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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Effect of MgO nanoparticles on material properties of cold-curing epoxy and polyurethane mixturesHornak, Jaroslav; Prosr, Pavel; Trnka, Pavel; Kadlec, Petr; Michal, Ondřej; Hardoň, Štefan
2021Effect of ZnO nanoparticles on the dielectric properties of polyurethane and epoxy resinsHardoň, Štefan; Kúdelčík, Jozef; Hornak, Jaroslav; Trnka, Pavel; Tamus, Zoltán Adam; Koltunowicz, Tomasz
2021Impact of ultrasonic mixing on the electrical properties of PEI/SiO2 nanocompositesMichal, Ondřej; Mentlík, Václav; Hornak, Jaroslav
2021Dielectric analysis of selected polyimide films and derived epoxy-based sandwich compositesKadlec, Petr; Pihera, Josef; Prosr, Pavel; Polanský, Radek
2021Influence of fillers based on different types of tubular halloysite on dielectric properties of epoxy-based compositesKadlec, Petr; Polanský, Radek
2022Dielectric and thermal properties of self-healing carboxylated nitrile rubber ionically cross-linked with zinc oxideNikolić, Valentino; Kadlec, Petr; Polanský, Radek; Utrera-Barrios, Saul; Santana, Marianella Hernandez
2022Effect of inhomogeneities in epoxy-glass-mica composites on conductive channel formationKadlec, Petr; Musil, Ondřej; Nikolić, Valentino; Polanský, Radek
2021Stretch testing of SMD resistors contacted by a novel thermo-compression method on a textile ribbonKalaš, David; Kalčík, Jan; Řeboun, Jan; Soukup, Radek; Hamáček, Aleš
2021Sintering of printed Ag on ceramic substrates with the use of formic acidMichal, David; Janda, Martin; Řeboun, Jan
2021Properties verification of improved lead-free solder alloysSteiner, František; Hirman, Martin; Prosr, Pavel; Rous, Pavel