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Sonntag, David
Formula Student - konstrukce trakční baterie

This diploma thesis follows the author's bachelor's thesis in order to complete the design of the electrical and mechanical arrangement of the traction battery of the student electrical formula and to construct and test first one segment of the traction battery and then the...

Tureček, Jakub
Lineární elektromagnetický aktuátor s řídícím systémem

Submitted thesis deals with the design of electromagnetic linear actuator with control system. The topology of the actuator was based on research and studied by mathematical models in COMSOL Multiphysics 5.6. The mathematical models were concerned with the calculation of the forces affe...

Ondřej, Štěpán
Návrh chlazení motoru s axiálním tokem

The presented master thesis is focused on the design of cooling for motor with axial magnetic flow, design of the standing structure and optimal cooling options, creation of a 3D model of the proposed solution and verification using FEM \ CFD, verification of the selected...

Kubaň, Martin
Elektricky buzené synchronní motory pro trakci

This master thesis focuses on design of electrically excited synchronous motor and increasing the ratio of its inductance in direct and quadrature axis. An electromagnetic design is performed so that the machine corresponds to the specified parameters. After that a model of the des...

Kohout, Jan
Monitor průmyslové komunikace mezi řídícím systémem a senzory s využitím SSI sběrnice

This thesis deals with the analysis and development of an extension for the device which is intended for monitoring the SSI interface. The work also deals with the analysis of the supplied device and a detailed analysis of the source code with which the device works. ...

Prágr, Jiří
Formula Student - regulace pohonu s PMSM motory

This thesis is focused on design of field-oriented control for interior permanent magnets synchronous motor that is used in university project Formula Student for electric formula. The first theoretical part is an overview of all synchronous motors which follow the mathematical detaile...

Klouda, Ondřej
Stínění magnetického toku výkonových transformátorů

The aim of this thesis is to assess the magnetic shield attached to the inside of the transformer vessel. The measured data obtained through the short circuit test with reduced supply current were used for verification, during which the induced voltage on the temporary coils&#...

Benedikt, Stanislav
Konstrukce devítifázového střídače

The presented diploma thesis is focused on the design and construction of a nine-phase voltage-type inverter, which is designed to power supply and operate a prototype AC motor with the same number of phases. The diploma thesis is about selection of suitable semiconductor component...

Hubač, Robert
Přestavba kolového robota

The presented diploma thesis deals with vector control of a low-voltage brushless synchronous motor with permanent magnets. This work captures procedure of module for driving two 150 W motors in sensored or sensorless mode. Motors are used in crawler replacing previous equipped brushed&...

Halvoník, Tomáš
Simulace pětifázového elektrického pohonu bateriových vozidel

This thesis deals with mathematical modeling of a five-phase synchronous machine with permanent magnets. Two methods for building the model are presented and their behavior is verified by simulation results. Models are controlled by field-oriented control in two orthogonal planes.

Janouš, Martin
Vliv materiálu magnetického obvodu na výkonovou hustotu a účinnost asynchronního stroje

This thesis is deling with the impact of the magnetic circuit material on the properties of squirell cage induction motors. The thesis is mainly focused on comparing the efficiency and power density of the designed machines, where in the first part the machines are designed&#x...

Krych, Jiří
Regulace pohonů s PMSM motory elektrické motokáry

This diploma thesis focuses on a design of vector control and electronic differential for electric go-kart drive. Vector control is one of the most suitable controls for PMSM motors. The drive provides very high dynamics. Incorporating an electronic differential will increase the...

Soukup, Dominik
Rezonanční izolující měnič s GaN tranzistory

The proposed diploma thesis is dedicated to the design and realization of a resonant insulating converter with GaN transistors. The thesis provides a brief comparison of semiconductor materials and resonant converters. Further the work deals with the design of the converter, which inclu...

Plzák, Michal
Návrh silového obvodu třífázového střídače pro studentský projekt elektrické čtyřkolky

The presented diploma thesis deals with the design of a power circuit of a three-phase inverter for a student project of an electric ATV. The work presents the selection of individual components of the inverter, the design of power connections, including numerical calculations and&...

Záruba, Vít
Návrh 3f tlumivky

The master's thesis is focused on the design of two prototypes of three phase chokes according to the requirements of customer, where each has different parameters. The first part is an introduction to the theory of coils and chokes, its types and use in practice, fin...

Schmid, Prokop
Měřicí karta pro testování elektrických pohonů

This thesis describes the design and implementation of a comprehensive system for measuring and processing variables that should be monitored during the measurement of electric motors. In particular, it is a measurement of temperature, standardized industrial signals, torque, and rotary speed.&#x...

Jakeš, Jan
Návrh synchronního reluktančního motoru

The diploma thesis mainly deals with the design of a synchronous reluctance machine and also with an explanation of its principle and use. The machine will be designed to be interchangeable with a selected series-produced asynchronous motor. This means keeping the dimensions of the...

Muška, Jiří
Elektromagnetický návrh vícefázového PMSM s axiálním uspořádáním

Main focus of presented master thesis is aimed at the process of designing an axial flux permanent-magnet machine(AFPM) meant for application in electric traction. Detailed process of analytical design of AFPM is presented and its results are afterwards compared to the results&#x...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 18 of 18