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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Early teaching techniques in the form of correlations between technique and music: production e-diatonic accordion of the projectwork model PUD-BJ "From idea to product"Jaka, Rožac; Bezjak, Jožica; Slosar, Mirko
2013Projectwork of model PUD-BJ "From idea to product" the early introduction of techniques on the way from preschool to vocational and technical education istrian music - maize violinBezjak, Jožica; Slosar, Mirko; Kofol, Tarcizija
2017Projectwork of model PUD-BJ "From idea to product - solar airplane dron"Artelj, Luka; Trdan, Edvard; Artelj, Martin; Slosar, Mirko; Bezjak, Jožica
2017Project work on the model PUD-BJ "From idea to product - pier in Portorož otherwise..."Koglot, Lara; Postolova, Biljana; Jančevski, Janko; Bezjak, Jožica
2016Projectwork: flood protection Poplavna zaščitaMuršak, Anže; Postolova, Biljana; Bezjak, Jožica; Jančevski, Janko
2012Technological and cultural heritage at a different way - didactical model the study excursion and projectwork of model PUD-BJ...integenerational learning projectRožac, Jaka; Vadnjal, Naja; Oder, Vesna-Helena; Nadoh, Ana; Bezjak, Jožica; Slosar, Mirko
2012Project learning of model PUD-BJ of kindergarden "From idea to product" beekeeping in the olden days and nowOder, Vesna; Bezjak, Jožica
2014Projectworklearning - making the music instruments of model a PUD-BJ "From idea to product"Tratnik, Valentina; Bezjak, Jožica; Slosar, Mirko
2014Projectwork of elementary education of the model PUD-BJ- "From idea to product"Eg, Nina; Bezjak, Jožica; Slosar, Mirko
2014Projectworklearning - patent, iFlashLED - smart lights for smart people "From idea to product"Penger, Luka; Bezjak, Jožica; Trdan, Edvard