Katedra aplikované elektroniky a telekomunikací / Department of Applied Electronics and Telecommunications


Recent Submissions

Hás, Martin
Návrh a aplikace "systému pro měření protokolem CCP/XCP" pro mikroprocesory

This diploma thesis deals with the design and the realization of a system with a microcontroller, which communicates with its master system via the measurement and calibration protocol XCP realized over a CAN bus. XCP protocol serves primarily for the purpose of the acquisition...

Nagler, Andreas
Integrace dat stroje z "Hydraulikcheck" do SAP použitím formuláře

The service Hydraulikcheck provided by Dorst Technologies, checks hydraulic components in their machines. Documenting of the measured values is done by hand up until today. With this thesis the goal is to redesign the entire measuring process by integrating digital technology. The Data&...

Born, Eugen
Simulation of a double ridge horn and a log-periodic dipole antenna for EMC measurement

The goal of this thesis is designed and modeled two antennas, a double ridged horn antenna (DRHA) and a log-periodic dipole antenna (LPDA), with a bandwidth from 1 GHz to 6 GHz with CST Microwave Studio (CST MWS) to be built in the near future and used for ...

Ježek, Vojtěch
Zjednodušená simulace analogové části zapojení ECU a vozidla

The aim of this diploma thesis was to design and create simulator of analog electronic circuits, which are present in the automotive control unit. First part describes the differences between digital and analog simulation. Next part is theoretical analysis of methods for analysis o...

Jeníček, Jakub
Implementace prediktivního řízení v obvodech programovatelné logiky

This thesis is focused on the implementation of a specific example of ADMM predictive control method in the circuits of programmable logic. Part of the thesis is a description of the behavior of the implemented system and its parts. In addition, initialization and confi...