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Marx, Edgar , Khalili, Ali , Valdestilhas, André
Semantic search user interface patterns: an introduction

Within the past few years, many patterns and principles have been proposed towards the enhancement of search user interfaces and experience. However, to access and explore information efficiently is still significantly challenging. Recently, we have seen the rise of a new kind&#x...

Amine, Mohammed , Sakly, Ines , Mhiri, Slim , Ghorbel, Faouzi
Multi-references shape constraint for snakes

In this research, we intend to present a new method of snakes with an invariant shape prior. We consider the general case where different templates are available and we have to choose the most suitable ones to define the shape constraint. A new external force is then...

Saric, Matko
Scene text segmentation based on redundant representation of character candidates

Text segmentation is important step in extraction of textual information from natural scene images. This paper proposes novel method for generation of character candidate regions based on redundant representation of subpaths in extremal regions (ER) tree. These subpaths are constructed using ...

Elghoul, S. , Saidani, M. , Ghorbel, F.
An interactive Tunisian virtual museum through affine reconstruction of gigantic mosaics and antic 3-D models

Museums are no longer static depositories for objects, as they used to be for the past two centuries. Online and interactive access has created new opportunities for museums and cultural institutions to reach out and discover new audiences for promotion of cultural achievements. Th...

Felea, Iulian , Florea, Corneliu , Vertan, Constantin , Florea, Laura
Isomorphic loss function for head pose estimation

Accurate head pose estimation is a key step in many practical applications involving face analysis tasks, such as emotion recognition. We address the problem of head pose estimation in still color images acquired with a standard camera with limited resolution details. To achieve th...