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Recent Submissions

Kouba, Ondřej
Zlepšování procesů ve výrobním podniku

This diploma thesis is focused on process improvement in production company. The theoretical part deals with production, its phases and management. Furthermore, methods and tools used during the optimization process are described. The practical part consists of analysis of the production fro...

Peleška, Libor
Mobilní aplikace určená pro inteligentní parkovací systém

This master thesis is focused on the topic of intelligent parking systems, specifically on the part of transmit information about situation on the parking lot to the parking user. In this paper are described intelligent parking systems with their issues and approaches to their ...

Dunovský, Ondřej
Vliv parametrů napěťového impulzu na průrazné chování izolace

This thesis deals with the analysis of the effect of the shape of the tested atmospheric impulse voltage on the voltage strength of the insulation. The theoretical part of the thesis first explains the basic concepts in the field of impulse voltage tests, time courses of&...

Veselý, Tomáš
WPT systém s vazebným prvkem v "double-D" zapojení

This diploma thesis is focused on the issue of wireless power transfer with using two couple of colis. This system is called double D and is considered as transport system because it is capable tranferring energy between the primary and secondary side while driving. The f...

Rajtmajer, Josef
Vysokonapěťové stejnosměrné izolační systémy

The diploma thesis is focused on description of High-Voltage Dirrect Current insulating systems. For the compactness of the topic is also introduced a High-Voltage DC transmission, from the description of the technology to the specific functional installation, The following part emphasizes t...