Katedra technologií a měření / Department of Technologies and Measurement

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Kratochvíl, Pavel
Zlepšování vybraných procesů v elektrotechnice

The master thesis is focused on the current situation in the field of improving processes in the electro technical manufacturing and development and recommends suitable methods for the company ComAp. This company is mainly focused on development of the control systems of diesel-generato...

Khodlová, Kristýna
Návrh zařízení pro měření permitivity tekutin

This diploma thesis is focused on the design of the device for measurement of fluid permittivity. The thesis consists of a theoretical part and a practical part. In the theoretical part, liquid insulating materials are briefly described, basic dielectric properties are analysed an...

Vrbka, Tomáš
Zpracování signálů při měření částečných výbojů

This work contains the basics of the theory of generation, the detection method and the processing of the partial discharge signal by the electric method. The following is a description of ICMsystem Partial Discharge Measurement Hardware and Software. The last part deals with the&#...

Kubeš, Jan
Nové elektroizolační kapaliny

This diploma thesis is focused on determining whether it is possible to change the electroinsulating properties of a new environmentally friendly electroinsulating liquid, that could be used in transformers in the future. New electrical insulating liquids are made from synthetic or vegetable...

Eis, Tomáš
Nový nanokompozitní materiál

This diploma thesis deals with composite materials, their use in electrical engineering, mainly as insulating materials and also with the possibilities of modification of composite materials with nanofillers. The theoretical part summarizes basic knowledge about composite materials. It also deals ...