Katedra elektromechaniky a výkonové elektroniky / Department of Electromechanics and Power Electronics


Recent Submissions

Ondřej, Štěpán
Vlivy různých uspořádání na tepelné modely elektrických strojů

This bachelor thesis is focused on the influence of axial and radial water cooling on the temperature model of the machine. First, the design of the synchronous machine for different variants of PM stored in the rotor was carried out. Furthermore, the variants were modeled...

Šiman, Stanislav
Simulace prediktivního řízení asynchronního motoru

This bachelor thesis is focused on the solution of predictive control asynchronnous motor. This work is solved in the MATLAB development environment. The work deals with the control of an asynchronous motor using currents Isdw and Isqw based on their pre-calculated prediction values...

Mičo, Lukáš
Tavení kovů v indukčních kelímkových pecích

The presented bachelor thesis is focused on the process of metal melting in induction crucible furnaces. Furthermore, the work deals with various types of heating and heat transfer, the theory of heating and its efficiency. Part of the work is the introduction of the main ...

Jírů, Václav
Vyhodnocení výskytu přerušení a událostí na napětí

This bachelor thesis deals with the evaluation of voltage events and their possible aggregation. The first part theoretically discusses the quality of electricity supply, voltage quality and continuity of electricity supply. The second part deals with the evaluation of the occurrence of ...

Bajcár, Filip
Transformátory s regulací fáze

This bachelor thesis deals with the issues of design, construction, possible involvement and implementation of the transformer with phase regulation. The introductory part focuses on the reasons for use of these transformers in the transmission network in Central Europe, it is principle ...