Katedra elektromechaniky a výkonové elektroniky / Department of Electromechanics and Power Electronics


Recent Submissions

Soukup, Michal
Výkonový měnič pro aplikace s asynchronním motorem do výkonu 2,5kW

This diploma thesis is focused on the design and construction of a power converter for anasynchronous motor with a powerof 1.1 kW. This motor drives a standing metal polishing plant. The first part deals with the description of power transducers and power semiconductor components.&...

Ipser, Jiří
Podrobný výpočet oteplení cívky kotvy synchronního stroje

This diploma thesis is focused on the thermal calculation of stator coil in a three-phase synchronous machine with salient poles. This thesis is divided into four chapters. In the first chapter is briefly described the principle of synchronous machine and its structure. The second&...

Šafář, Vojtěch
Vliv velikosti činitele pólového krytí na vlastnosti synchronního stroje

The master these deals with the issue of electromagnetic field´s proposal and the influence of pole coverage factor to properties of synchronous machines. The these is divided into six parts. The electromagnetic proposal of synchronous machine with the pole coverage factor alfa = 0...

Frank, Zdeněk
Stavba demonstračního soustrojí

This master thesis focuses on design and construction of a demonstrational electrical engine machinery consisting of two synchronous electrical machines. The thesis also includes an electromagnetic design, constructional solution of the whole machinery and its individual parts. The purpose of thi...

Hutyra, Dominik
Návrh trakčního asynchronního motoru pro kompaktní pohonnou jednotku

The submitted thesis is focused on the design of a traction squirrel cage asynchronous machine, cooled by air, for a compact traction unit. Potential of the thesis is to substitute currently designed unit, made up of synchronous machine with permanent magnets with water cooling.&#x...