Katedra elektromechaniky a výkonové elektroniky / Department of Electromechanics and Power Electronics

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Glac, Antonín
Implementace řízení asynchronního motoru za použití hardwarového akcelerátoru

The master theses presents the implementation of driving algorithm for induction motor using a voltage source inverter, driven by microcontroller TMS320F28377S. Microcontroller is a part of MLC Interface platform, which is used for driving applications at the university. The thesis compares ...

Jiříček, Marek
Implementace bezsenzorového řízení PMSM

Aim of this thesis is to implement sensorless control of PMSM with rotor position sensing based on injection of pulsating voltage signal. Thesis contains description of implementation of vector control and position sensing algorithms and also results of experiments which were focused on...

Vokál, David
Harmonické v sítích příměstských sídlišť

The aim of the diploma thesis submitted is an analysis of the low-frequency electromagnetic interference in the low-voltage distribution network of the suburban built-up areas comprised solely by family houses. In the introduction, the attention is paid to general issues of the&#...

Doležel, Vojtěch
Návrh indukčnosti 6mH

This report describes design of an air core coil with inductance of 6 mH. Accorging to the assignment, the coil is designed for permanent harmonic current with effective value of 6,5 A. The design is made for the core with circular cross section area. Calculation of ...

Doležal, Petr
Návrh průmyslového transformátoru malého výkonu

This diploma thesis is focused on design of a low power industrial transformer. There is a komplete electromagnetic calculation, according to which the transformer is then manufactured and then a type test is carried out according to the standard ČSN EN 68551-1. Further, the v...