Title: A program for data analysis of rare fission mode processes from neutron-induced and spontaneous fissions
Authors: Holík, Michael
Ahmadov, G.
Berikov, D.
Kopatch, Yu.
Ahmadov, F.
Akbarov, R.
Mora, Y.
Nuruyev, S.
Přidal, Petr
Sadigov, A.
Abbaszada, N.
Zich, Jan
Citation: HOLÍK, M., AHMADOV, G., BERIKOV, D., KOPATCH, Y., AHMADOV, F., AKBAROV, R., MORA, Y., NURUYEV, S., PŘIDAL, P., SADIGOV, A., ABBASZADA, N., ZICH, J. A program for data analysis of rare fission mode processes from neutron-induced and spontaneous fissions. Advanced Physical Research, 2020, roč. 2, č. 2, s. 71-78. ISSN 2663-8436.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Jomard Publishing
Document type: článek
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11025/42576
ISSN: 2663-8436
Keywords in different language: ternary fission;quaternary fission;digital signal processing;Cf-252 spontanous fission source
Abstract in different language: Rare fission mode processes (ternary or quaternary fission) of low-energy and spontaneous fission of heavy nuclei, in which light charged particles are emitted, are the subject of intense experimental and theoretical studies, since these studies can be attributed to one of the main sources of information on the mechanism of nuclear fission. To study these processes, a detection system has been assembled, consisting of three semiconductor ΔE-E telescopes and a silicon detector. In addition, the program has been developed for proceeding experimental data. This paper has been dedicated to the program written on the basis of ROOT software consisting of many scripts to analyze and/or filtrate ternary and quaternary fission particles among different fission events. The program can proceed long collected files in ASCII and binary formats, correlate results from all detectors, give results on particle interaction time, coordinates, particle energy and its types. The performance of the program has been tested to proceed ternary fission data from 252Cf spontaneous fission source.
Rights: © Jomard Publishing
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