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dc.contributor.authorSvobodová, Alexandra
dc.contributor.editorHONZÍKOVÁ, Jarmila
dc.contributor.editorSIMBARTL, Petr
dc.identifier.citationHONZÍKOVÁ, Jarmila a Petr SIMBARTL, eds. Olympiáda techniky Plzeň 2020: Sborník abstraktů z mezinárodní studentské odborné konference: 25.5. 2021 Plzeň. 1. vyd. Plzeň: Západočeská univerzita v Plzni, 2021, s. 72.cs
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dc.publisherZápadočeská univerzita v Plznics
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dc.subject3D modelovánícs
dc.subjecttechnická výchovacs
dc.subjectzákladní školacs
dc.title3D modeling in the context of technical education at the 1st stage of primary schoolen
dc.title.alternative3D modelování v kontextu technické výchovy na 1.stupni ZŠcs
dc.typekonferenční příspěvekcs
dc.description.abstract-translatedThis project is dedicated to designing examples for 3D modeling and related teaching. Teaching is primarily intended for the 5th grade of primary schools. When designing the teaching, I based on my previous experience in teaching 3D modeling at the Children's University, which is organized by the Faculty of Education at the University of West Bohemia, and my previous experience in practice at primary school. In the first phase, students become familiar with the 3D printer and 3D printing to see the practical use of 3D models. Inthe next phase, they are already working with the SketchUp program, which is used for 3D modeling. Within the Children's University, only the examples of the Dice and the House of Dreams were tested, mainly due to the small time allowance. For this project, however, it was necessary to create examples that would test the ability of students to handle the program, orient themselves in it and understand the individual functions. Example The dice are an ideal example of learning to use the basic capabilities of a program, especially because of the need to move around the program, use basic shapes (square and circle), and create three-dimensional solids from two-dimensional shapes. However, since this example is used to get acquainted with the program and all the steps are accompanied by the teacher's explanation, and the Dream House example is a task focused mainly on children's imagination, it was necessary to come up with other examples to verify the above knowledge and skillsen
dc.subject.translated3D modelingen
dc.subject.translatedtechnical educationen
dc.subject.translatedprimary schoolen
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