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Recent Submissions

Herličková, Jana
Paradigmatická změna ve výuce anglického jazyka: Angličtiny

The thesis deals with the topic of comprehension of and attitudes towards accented speech as perceived by secondary school English learners. In the literature review, the reasons for incorporating elements of Global Englishes, into English classes are explained as well as the elements&#...

Pourová, Petra
Jak mohou hry rozvíjet komunikační dovednosti u žáků na 1.st. ZŠ

The diploma thesis deals with the research of didactic games developing communication skills in the teaching of the English language at the Primary school. The theoretical part of the thesis describes the development of language communication, communication skills in English and points ...

Pastyříková, Lada
Role češtiny jako mateřského jazyka při osvojování si angličtiny se zaměřením na pozitivní transfer čtenářských strategií

This diploma thesis has the following aims. Firstly, to introduce the role of the mother tongue in second language acquisition and related issues with a special focus on the transfer of learning strategies, specifically the positive transfer of reading strategies from the first lan...

Lejsek, František
Anglicismy v českém jazyce

The aim of the thesis is to summarize the theoretical background of borrowing English words to Czech and to further explore this topic. The theoretical part describes the history of Anglicisms in Czech and reasons why such words are borrowed at all, various possible mean...

Zoubek, Štěpán
Keeping it real: Autenticita, Český rap a globální hiphopová\nl{} kultura

This bachelor thesis deals with the notion of authenticity in hip hop subculture in American, global and Czech contexts. The aim of the thesis was to investigate the notion of authenticity in hip hop subculture and how it is affected by globalisation, localisation and intercul...