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Recent Submissions

Rybová, Lenka
Zásady výuky angličtiny žáků na 1. st. ZŠ

This thesis deals with the topic of principles of teaching English to young learners. The thesis is divided in two parts. In the first theory part there are described individual developmental stages of children of younger school age, which should be respected in teaching. Thes...

Volrábová, Nikola
Spolupráce učitelů nejazykových předmětů s učiteli cizích jazyků v metodě CLIL

This diploma thesis deals with the issue of collaboration between language and subject teachers in the CLIL method. In the theoretical background, it first describes the CLIL method and its specifications, then it focuses on the teachers in this method and their collaboration. In&#...

Baloun, Tomáš
Využití technologií k podpoře řečových dovedností

The thesis deals with the issue of supporting speech skills using modern technology. Close attention is dedicated mainly to teaching methods that include the use of applications and online platforms. The aim of the work was to determine which digital means are suitable for imp...

Habová, Isabela
Využití příběhů ve výuce anglického jazyka na 1. stupni ZŠ\nl{} - projektové vyučování

This diploma thesis deals with the topic of using stories in teaching English at elementary school. The thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part is focused primarily on the explanation of the concept of storytelling, its basic elements and&#...

Golčáková, Tereza
Postoje studentů k anglickému jazyku a jeho studiu

The thesis deals with the topic of learners´ attitudes towards English and learning English. The thesis provides an examination of the current role and status of English in the world. Then it focuses on learners´ attitudes towards English as a foreign language and the process&...