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Recent Submissions

Bílková, Kateřina
Organizační formy ve výuce anglického jazyka

This graduate thesis is concerned with the topic of organizational forms in English language class and consists of two main parts, theoretical and practical one. The theoretical background provides the reader cohesive information concerning organizational forms with respect to classroom managemen...

Jaklová, Tereza
Rozvoj čtenářských strategií ve čtenářských dílnách\nl{} na 1. stupni ZŠ s využitím anglického textu

The thesis deals with the issue of development of reading skills among primary school children using English texts. In the theoretical part, the basic principles of reading, the reading skills development, development of reading literacy, principles of teaching reading in both Czech and...

Krčmová, Kristýna
Výuka angličtiny prostřednictvím hudby a písní

This paper deals with the use of music and songs in English language teaching in primary education. The topic is based on the assumption of songs being an effective way of teaching because of its attractiveness and capability of being memorized very easily. The thesis out...

Miarková, Lenka
Práce s textem ve výuce anglického jazyka na 1. stupni ZŠ

The thesis discusses the use of text as a means of developing reading comprehension in English lessons. The aim of this work is to demonstrate the influence of deliberate reading activities on the development of reading skills of younger school pupils. The theoretical&...

Šimicová, Anna
Rozvoj čtenářské gramotnosti při výuce anglického jazyka na 2. stupni základních škol

The thesis answers the important question about the reality of teaching reading in English classes in the lower secondary level in the Czech Republic. Reading is one of the four language skills learners are required to acquire during their education. Furthermore, it is a skill...