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Kohout, Jan , Šroubová, Lenka
Modeling of the heat transfer in the switchboard cabinet

This paper deals with the modeling of a heat transfer in the switchboard cabinet by using the COMSOL Multiphysics software. The heat transfer field distribution can be seen from a typical example and discussion of its results. Furthermore, the results of simulations&#...

Kotlan, Václav , Hamar, Roman , Slobodnik, Karel , Dolezel, Ivo
Modeling of temperature patterns and hardness of surfaces obtained by additive technique

Temperature patterns and hardness of surfaces produced by laser cladding is modeled. The mathematical model includes the description of all important physical phenomena taking part in the process. Experimental ...

Rot, David , Knedlík, Michal , Jiřinec, Jakub , Hajek, Jiří , Kožený, Jiří , Podhrazky, Antonín
Cost reduction opportunities in induction surface hardening processes for smaller diameter cylindrical loads

This article focuses on the possibilities of improving the efficiency of induction surface hardening (ISH) processes using a specialized spray-quench device. This quench is fabricated using 3D printing, and the load is ...

Jiřinec, Jakub , Raková, Lenka , Rot, David
Controlled Ventilation of Interior Spaces Using a Central Recuperation Unit

A common way of ventilating indoor spaces for more significant buildings is to use a central recuperation unit. In contrast to the decentralized recuperation unit, the system must be equipped with &...

Jiřinec, Jakub , Knedlík, Michal , Rot, David
Possibilities of Using an Energy Surplus of Photovoltaic Power Plants

Nowadays, the installation of photovoltaic power plants on the roof of houses is becoming more and more common. Compared to earlier times, the surplus electricity to the grid is not wel...

Smolyanov, Ivan , Kotlan, V. , Dolezel, I.
Approaches to Modernize Induction Heater for Purpose of Heat Treatment of Titanium Alloys

Through heating of titanium before plastic deformation is energy and time-consuming process. The main problem carrying out the process is used resistance furnaces which require a lot of&#x...

Murali, Suraj , Bothen, Christian , Manjunath, Srivijay , Bagheri, Ebrahim , Loukil, Mohamed , Pelikan, Daniel , Pelckmans, Kristiaan , Dancila, Dragos
Energy Efficient Solid-State Microwave Curing of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites

In this paper we present a new set-up for curing carbon fiber composite materials realised around four solid state power amplifiers generating 250 W microwave power in the frequency range 2.4 - 2.5 GHz. This microwave curing set-up improves the homogeneity of the...

Strakova, Malvine N. , Geža, Vadims , Ščepanskis, Mihails , Eimuss, Alviss
Computer simulation of steel microstructure composition for induction hardening of a splined shaft for various cooling rates

In this study, the microstructure in the hardened zone of a splined shaft after scanning induction heating with two-turn inductors is studied using computational modeling. Different steel ...

Pervukhin, Mikhail , Vinter, Eduard , Timofeev, Viktor
Numerical simulation of conduction refining of molten aluminum in the casting launder

n the paper numerical modeling of the process of conduction refining in the casting launder is carried out. The behavior of non- conductive particles in aluminum melt during conduction refining is investigated. Numerical calculation is performed using...

Zhurkin, Andrey , Nekhamin, Sergey , Pogrebisskiy, Michael , Martynova, Irina
AC arc electrical load model for new power supply analysis

This paper describes a model of an AC arc electrical load for analysis of furnace operating in conjunction with high-speed semiconductor converter. The semiconductor converter is part of electric ...

Michelena, P. García , Sanchez, X. Chamorro , Ruiz-Reina, E.
Multiphysical modelling and validation of VIM for Inconel 718 heating and melting

In this abstract, the followed methodology for the multiphysical numerical modelling of the heating and melting processes of Inconel 718 superalloy in a laboratory-scale vacuum induction melting furnace is presented. The theoretical&#...

Eddir, Tareq , Goldstein, Robert , Haun, Robert
Investigating the Benefit of Soft Magnetic Composite Inserts on Energy Efficiency in Cold Wall Billet Casters Using Computer Simulation

Cold wall induction (CWI) applications are widely used for melting or processing metals, oxides, glasses, and other reactive or high purity materials. Multiple studies have been made for their optimization, but their energy efficiency is still low compared to...

Rashevskaya, Marina , Lipinskiy, German , Kulikov, Aleksey
Applicability of calculation methods of minimum and maximum short circuit currents in grid with voltage up to 1 kV

The values of minimum and maximum short- circuit currents are calculated at the designing of power supply systems for selecting equipment and protection systems. By means of Matlab/Simulink modeling the farthest location of&...

Shmakov, Evgenyi , Smolyanov, Ivan , Vencels, Juris
Calculation Fluid Dynamic of Induction Pump Using Open Source Software

In the paper, when simulation of an induction pump being used two approaches, executing recalculation of electro- magnetic problem per a time step and without one. Simulation is carried out by means of open source software packages Elmer and OpenFoam with EOF-library....

Lepeshkin, Alexander , Kuvaldin, Alexander , Lepeshkin, Stepan
Investigation of Heating of Rotating Disks in an Electromagnetic Field Using Strong Permanent Magnets

A new method for heating of the rotating disks using strong permanent magnets is proposed. The results of studies of the thermal state of a rotating model disk in a &#...

Smolyanov, Ivan , Shmakov, E. , Braznik, D.
Numerical Approaches to Analyzing of MHD Processes Occuring to Induction Pump

The major aim of the work is to show new modern opportunities of numerical simulation of magnetohydroynamic phenomena using open source codes. The work is considered a question of calculating main induction pumps features taken into...

Garcia, Jesus Oswaldo , Alves, Jose , Bay, François , Barlier, Julien
Error analysis in finite element modelling of induction heating processes

This paper focuses on error analysis for modelling induction heating processes.

Van Reusel, Koen
Exposure to electromagnetic fields produced by industrial processes

The penetration in industrial practice of electrothermal processes is dependent on compliance with the legislation on the exposure of workers to electromagnetic fields. The purpose of this paper is to provide some&#x...

Frizen, Vasiliy , Smolyanov, Ivan , Tarasov, Fedor
Refined Model of Induction Heater Taken into Acount Static Characteristics of Inverter Vasiliy Frizen, Ivan Smolyanov, Salavat Fatkull

The paper is concerned with feasibility of the through heating calculation by using thermal circuits at the one-dimensional approximation. A part of paper is dedicated to just...

Vegera, Ivan , Demidovich, Victor , Perevalov, Yuri
Advanced Induction Heat Treatment Systems of Pipes

New approach of designing and control of induction heat treatment installations of pipes with utilizing of numerical models is developed. Models include two- dimensional simulation of coupling electromagnetic and temperature fields in cylindrical systems...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 59