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Vochozka, Vladimír , Burdová, Veronika , Černý, Pavel
Torricelliho zákon, Pythagorův a Tantalův pohár, stejnosměrný motor

FFF/FDM 3D printers are useful for making instruments with various mechanical or optical properties. In the article, there are discussed models which cannot be produced in another way or are too expensive. The cylinder with nozzles is a typical instrument for demonstration of ...

Válek, Jan , Sládek, Petr
Základní fyzikální jednotky a změny v jejich definicích

The paper focuses on prepared changes in definitions of basic physical units. Changes will affect four basic units – kilogram, amperes, kelvin and moles. It is a relatively extensive redefinition that uses universal constants. In addition to introducing definitions, the paper&#x...

Ryston, Matěj
Fyzika v několika sekundách – využívání gifů a krátkých videí ve výuce fyziky

The purpose of this contribution is to point out the abundance of short physics-related videos and animations on the internet and their usefulness for teaching physics. The author of this contribution, having collected such videos for some time, has taken this opportunity&#...

Pavlin, Jerneja
Curriculum for the subject of physics in primary school and gymnasium in Slovenia

In Slovenia, physics contents appear from kindergarten curricula onwards. The subject of Physics is taught in grades 8 and 9 of primary school and in grades 1, 2 and 3 of the gymnasium. If it is chosen as a subject of general matura exam, students learn i...