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Recent Submissions

Čejková, Tereza
Historická naučná stezka v regionu

This bachelor thesis is devoted to the design of the educational trail in the region. The whole work is divided into five main chapters. The first chapter is dedicated to the overview of the history of city Pilsen. The following chapters are about educational trail, then&...

Železná, Kateřina
Město Vimperk v období 1945-1968

Bachelor's thesis is focused on description of the development in Vimperk after the World War II until the occupation of Warsaw Pact troops in 1968. Thesis describes post-war history of the city, displacement of the German and Hungarian populations and the development of the&#x...

Seidl, Adam
Městská správa v Horažďovicích v raném novověku

My bachelor thesis deals with city administration in eearly Modern times. The first part describes historical development till 18 century. Next part is about development of city administration in Czech. The third part contains city administration in Horažďovice in early Modern time. The...

Novotný, Jakub
Vzpomínky veterána Jindřicha Sitty (vojenské mise AČR Afgánistán a Perský záliv)

My bachelor thesis deals with the military missions of the Army of the Czech Republic from the Gulf War in 1990/91, after the first participation of our army in Afghanistan, which took place in 2002/03. An integral part of this work is the biography of war ...

Malecha, Petr
Internační středisko Třemošná

The work presents the functioning of the International Camp in the village of Třemošná between 1945 and 1947. It brings a view of Czech-German relations as the beginning of the crisis of the 20th century, which resulted in the establishment of the camp system. The work&#x...