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Pavelková, Jana , Králiková, Andrea , Kubát, Patrik , Hromadníková, Tereza
Conspicuous Consumption in Sport – Do Athletes Behave Conspicuously?

Conspicuous consumption is constantly evolving due to the availability of goods and the technology development. People have many opportunities to express their values, beliefs, and personalities through product and price is no longer the main factors determining whether a product is&#...

Turchyn, Liuba , Kunešová, Hana
E-commerce as a modern paradigm of formation and use of marketing tools

E-commerce is a big part of the economy and is extremely important for businesses that sell their products or services online. Thanks to e-commerce, businesses have the opportunity to reach more customers, because, due to the current global economic challenges, quite a lot&#...

Tlučhoř, Jan , Přibáň, Pavel , Gangur, Mikuláš , Ircingová, Jarmila , Dagmar, Jakubíková , Janeček, Petr , Maříková, Hana , Štumpf, Petr
Vnímání města v kontextu historické památky na příkladu chebských krovů

The paper deals with the perception and image of the town Cheb in the context of historical heritage. Since 2017, the town has been running a tour of historic trusses. The aim of the research was to determine the influence of this activity on the image of...

Waliszewská, Lucie , Skácel, Adam , Spáčil, Vojtěch , Halfarová, Petra
Customer Typology on the Travel Market

The aim of this article is to create a customer typology on the travel market in the Czech Republic according to what way of travelling abroad consumers prefer. Quantitative research was used for conducting primary data, which were obtained through an online questionnaire&#x...

Svoboda, Jaroslav , Lososová, Jana
Biogas Stations in the Czech Republic – Subsidies, Costs, and Revenues

The current energy crisis forces us to look for new energy sources in addition to savings. Undoubtedly, their purpose is environmental friendliness and the much-discussed question of independence from other countries. One of the ways is the use of biomass for the constructio...