Title: Investigation of Low-Frequency Phenomena within Flow Pattern in Standard Mixing Vessel Induced by Pitched Blade Impeller
Authors: Brůha, Tomáš
Procházka, Pavel
Uruba, Václav
Citation: BRŮHA, T. PROCHÁZKA, P. URUBA, V. Investigation of Low-Frequency Phenomena within Flow Pattern in Standard Mixing Vessel Induced by Pitched Blade Impeller. PROCESSES, 2021, roč. 9, č. 3, s. 1-25. ISSN: 2227-9717
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: MDPI
Document type: článek
URI: 2-s2.0-85103589840
ISSN: 2227-9717
Keywords in different language: mixing;axial impeller;primary circulation loop;macro instability;oscillation;Particle Image Velocimetry;Oscillation Pattern Decomposition
Abstract in different language: An experimental study on the flow pattern dynamics in a standard mixing vessel with radial baffles filled with water and induced by a pitched blade impeller pumping downward is presented. Investigation is mainly focused on detection and analysis of quasi-periodical or periodical low-frequency phenomenon connected with time- and length-scales considerably exceeding the Blade Passage Frequency (hereinafter BPF) and common turbulent eddies. This phenomenon, which is expressed as large-scale mean-flow variations, is generally known as flow Macro-Instability (hereinafter MI). It could break-down just below the liquid surface, or it crashes to the liquid surface and causes its Macro-Swelling (hereinafter MS). Our investigation was based on classical two-dimensional (2D) Particle Image Velocimetry (hereinafter PIV) measurement within 3 selected vertical planes in the vessel and subsequent analysis of the velocity field. The dominant frequencies evaluated in the selected points and overall analysis of the quasi-periodical macro-flow pattern behavior is to be shown. Identification of the quasi-periodical substructures appeared within the flow pattern was performed using the Oscillation Pattern Decomposition (hereinafter OPD) method. Observation of the macro-flow patterns confirmed presence of the macro-flow structures detected within flow pattern at the identical mixing pilot plant setup by previous investigations of the MIs phenomenon, i.e., the primary circulation loop and strong impeller discharge jet located in the lower vessel segment and the strong ascending wall current at the baffle, which break-down below the surface very often. A further important contribution of the presented work is the investigation of both flow pattern within the baffles vicinity and in the middle of the sector far from the baffle, showing a significant difference. Low-frequency periodical (or quasi-periodical) behavior of the investigated macro-structures was qualitatively confirmed by the presented results and it was quantified using the velocity dominant frequencies evaluation, as noted below. This frequency analysis brings insight into the supposed and detected interconnections between dynamics of the adjacent flow structures. Detected different flow patterns within the main plane near the baffles and in the inclined plane reveal a strong influence of the baffle presence to the local vertical flow, especially within the upper part of the vessel. Quite a different flow pattern appears tangentially in front of and behind the baffle, where a wake is revealed, indicating significant influence of the baffle on the local tangential flow. The new findings represent a contribution to better understanding the physical phenomena behind the standard mixing process.
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