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Recent Submissions

Brožová, Tereza
Mezipředmětovost ve výuce německého jazyka na 1.stupni ZŠ.

The aim of my diploma thesis is to point out the fact that the German language deserves more space in the FEP. I focused mainly on interdisciplinary relations, which seem to me to be a more suitable solution for the primary school and for the German language its...

Lisnerová, Hana
Srovnání německých a českých zoonymních frazeologismů

This work focuses on animal designations in German and Czech phraseologies since there are common cultural roots between the two languages but also linguistic differences. The first part deals with phraseological features such as polylexicality, solidity and idiomaticity. For the theoretical ...

Šulcová, Anna
Když se změní pravidla hry - k miniaturám Friedricha Achleitnera

This bachelor thesis pursues the late work of the Austrian writer Friedrich Achleitner. It analyzes selected miniatures from the works einschlafgeschichten (2003), und oder oder und (2006) and der springende punkt (2009). This work describes how Friedrich Achleitner experimented with many po...

Bezchlebová, Alena
Struktura vyučovacích hodin německého jazyka na plzeňských středních školách

These theses focus on the comparison of lesson structures in German lessons on three chosen Pilsner schools with theoretical standards and ideals. The hypotheses based on the theoretical standards will be compared with the collected dates from the lessons´ reports.

Amlacher, Ivana
Srovnání aktuálních politických talkshow "Hart aber fair" a "Otázky Václava Moravce" z pohledu pragmatické lingvistiky

The thesis deals with manifestations of expressiveness and expressive speech acts in current political talk shows "Hart aber fair" and "Questions of Václav Moravec" from the point of view of pragmatic linguistics. The theoretical part of the thesis describes pragmatic linguist...