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Recent Submissions

Krocová, Jitka , Nováková, Jaroslava
Posuzování kvality výukového prostředí studenty programu všeobecné ošetřovatelství – pilotní šetření

In recent years, there have been increasing demands for monitoring the learning environment of students studying healthcare degree programmes (Lizáková and Novotná, 2017). With the support of the Grant Competition of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of ZČU in Pilsen,...

Horová, Jana , Krocová, Jitka , Nováková, Jaroslava
Zvyšování informovanosti neformálních pečujících o osoby s chronickým onemocněním (MZ ČR 18/22/PPZ) – evaluace workshopu.

Project No. 18/22/PPZ " Increasing the information of informal caregivers of people with chronic diseases", which was implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, focused on increasing the awareness of informal caregivers of people&#x...

Vlčková, Hana , Dostál, Jiří
Adaptační proces v perioperační péči na neurochirurgii

The perioperative care nurse at the neurosurgical department has to process a large amount of information and practical skills in a short period of time during the adaptation period. Once the adaptation period is over, the nurse becomes a fully integrated part of the surgical&...

Vágnerová, Kristýna , Sládková, Petra
Prevence stranové záměny v perioperační péči

The wrong site is a very topical issue, also in view of the increasing number of surgical procedures. It is a very serious error, which can even endanger the life of the client. In 2022, surgical side substitution occurred in eye surgery and became a media case. ...

Winnová, Aneta , Vaňková, Milena
Bossing v ošetřovatelství

The topic of vertical violence in nursing is currently intensively discussed in foreign studies. Nevertheless, in the Czech literature, we can only find the first few references, and there are a minimum of studies dealing with the issue of bullying in which the initiator is&#x...