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Šebková, Klára
Vzdělávací intervence zaměřené na problematiku epilepsie v mateřských školách

The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to research the effectiveness of an abbreviated story called Adventure on Fish. This work has to make an essential contribution to the previously unstudied issue of educational interventions relating to epilepsy in children attending kindergartens.The...

Sedláčková, Marcela
Stres a psychohygiena učitele v mateřské škole

Teachers in pre-school education are subjected to stressful situations through out their professional life. Not everyone can always easily handle a class of children or respond appropriately to an unexpected situation. In the figh...

Sismilichová, Adéla
Představy předškolních dětí o škole a učení

This bachelor's thesis examines the ideas of preschool children about school and learning. In this work, we describe these concepts from the perspective of pedagogy and psychology. We also focus on children's fantasies and the development characteristics of preschool children. The&#...

Meczlová, Veronika
Úroveň stresu v atletických disciplínách

This bachelor's thesis focuses on the level of stress in athletic disciplines. At first, the work describes stress in general. Stress types, stressors, stress situations, symptoms, harmfulness and stress management strategy are discussed in detail. Then is focused on the sport, its ...

Šmolíková, Simona
Neurotičnost u dětí z mateřských škol

The main aim of my bachelor thesis was to provide a deeper view into the attitudes of preschool teachers towards children with neurotic symptoms.The first is theoritical description of the history of neurotic disorders and also description of some of particular types. The second&#x...