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Kunášek, Daniel
Cesta k úplnému lidství ve vzdělávání

The work is focused on a holistic approach to man, especially Comenius's approach to full humanity and the relevance of some of his ideas, which can lead to the enrichment of today's education. It provides a list of Comenius' anthropology, which aims to lead man&#x...

Edrová, Marie
Syndrom vyhoření

The diploma thesis is focused on burnout syndrome and its symptoms in primary school teachers during a pandemic of coronavirus. The thesis is divided into two main parts, theoretical and practical. The first part deals with burnout syndrome, there is its definition, types, phases,&...

Lamlechová, Karolína
Postoje učitelů 1. stupně ZŠ k dětem trpícím PAS

The diploma thesis is focused on the attitudes of primary school teachers to the integration of pupils suffering from autism spectrum disorder. The work is divided into a theoretical part and a practical part. The first 3 chapters of my work form a theoretical part, which...

Ševčíková, Natálie
Žák s poruchou autistického spektra a jeho postavení ve třídě

This diploma thesis deals with the inclusion of a pupil with autism spectrum disorders in the class team. We look at the issue on the basis of theoretical knowledge, which is the characteristic manifestations of people with autism spectrum disorders, their education and the pr...

Holanová, Denisa
Vliv digitálních technologií na dítě předškolního věku

The theoretical part describes the development of a child in preschool age. It explains digital literacy and its possibilities for development in kindergartens. The practical part describes the research. The research monitors the shift in tablet controllability by children, with its regular&...