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Niewiadomska-Kaplar, Justyna
Polychromatism of all light waves: new approach to the analysis of the physical and perceptive color aspects

Research on light vision mechanisms in biosystems and on the mechanisms of formation of deficits in color discrimination [Nie20a] reveals that not only white light is polychromatic but all light waves are. The spectrum of white light is composed of aggregations of...

Pardo, Ricardo , Remolar, Inmaculada
Photogrammetry Workflow for Obtaining Low-polygon 3D Models Using Free Software

This paper proposes a workflow for inexperienced designers to create low-poly 3D models using free software. It addresses the problem of the complexity generated by photogrammetry. The solution aims to enable independent developers to create realistic assets at cheap cost. It eli...

Kubanek, Mariusz , Karbowiak, Lukasz , Bobulski, Janusz
Detection of Dangerous Situations Near Pedestrian Crossings using In-Car Camera

The paper presents a method for detecting dangerous situations near pedestrian crossings using an in-car camera system. The approach utilizes deep learning-based object detection to identify pedestrians and vehicles, analyzing their behavior to identify potential hazards. The system incorporate...

Bobulski, Janusz , Kubanek, Mariusz
The use of Artificial Intelligence for Automatic Waste Segregation in the Garbage Recycling Process

The problem of recycling secondary raw materials remains unresolved, despite many years of work on this issue. Among the many obstacles that arise is also the difficulty of sorting individual waste fractions. To facilitate this task and help solve this problem, modern comput...

Oronowicz-Jaskowiak, Wojciech , Wasilewski, Piotr , Mirosław, Kowaluk
Justice Expectations Related to the Use of CNNs to Identify CSAM. Technological Interview.

A technological interview was conducted with representatives of the judiciary to determine their expectations and beliefs related to the technological solution (involving detection of child sexual abuse materials using CNNs), being developed. The obtained results lead to the followi...

Sluzek, Andrzej
On Unguided Automatic Colorization of Monochrome Images

Image colorization is a challenging problem due to the infinite RGB solutions for a grayscale picture. Therefore, human assistance, either directly or indirectly, is essential for achieving visually plausible colorization. This paper aims to perform colorization using only a gr...

Boumrah, Maryam , Garbaya, Samir , Radgui, Amina
Real-Time Visual Analytics for Remote Monitoring of Patient’s Health

The recent proliferation of advanced data collection technologies for Patient Generated Health Data (PGHD) has made remote health monitoring more accessible. However, the complex nature of the big volume of medical generated data presents a significant challenge for traditional ...

Kacerik, Martin , Bittner, Jiří
On Importance of Scene Structure for Hardware-Accelerated Ray Tracing

Ray tracing is typically accelerated by organizing the scene geometry into an acceleration data structure. Hardware accelerated ray tracing, available through modern graphics APIs, exposes an interface to the acceleration structure (AS) builder that constructs it given the input scene geome...

Seabra, Miguel , Fernandes, Francisco , Lopes, Daniel , Madeiras, João
Position Based Rigid Body Simulation: A comparison of physics simulators for games

Interactive real-time rigid body simulation is a crucial tool in any modern game engine or 3D authoring tool. The quest for fast, robust and accurate simulations is ever evolving. PBRBD (Position Based Rigid Body Dynamics), a recent expansion of PBD (Position Based Dynamics)...

Sturm, Fabian , Sathiyababu, Rahul , Hergenroether, Elke , Siegel, Melanie
Semi-Supervised Learning Approach for Fine Grained Human Hand Action Recognition in Industrial Assembly

Until now, it has been impossible to imagine industrial manual assembly without humans due to their flexibility and adaptability. But the assembly process does not always benefit from human intervention. The error-proneness of the assembler due to disturbance, distraction or inattenti...

Padinjarathala, Antony , Sadleir, Robert
Using the Adaptive HistoPyramid to Enhance Performance of Surface Extraction in 3D Medical Image Visualisation

There are currently a range of different approaches for extracting iso-surfaces from volumetric medi cal image data. Of these, the HistoPyramid appears to be one of the more promising options. This is due to its use of stream compaction and expansion which facilitates extreme...

Bindal, Manika , Kamat, Venkatesh
Detail Preserving Non-rigid Shape Correspondences

Understanding shapes is an organic process for us (humans) as this is fundamental to our interaction with the surrounding world. However, it is daunting for the machines. Any shape analysis task, particularly non-rigid shape correspondence is challenging due to the ever-increasing...

Kaczmarek, Adam L.
The Usage of the BP-Layers Stereo Matching Algorithm with the EBCA Camera Set

This paper is concerned with applying a stereo matching algorithm called BP-Layers to a set of many cameras. BP Layers is designed for obtaining disparity maps from stereo cameras. The algorithm takes advantage of convolutional natural networks. This paper presents using this...

Soto-Villalobos, Roberto , Benavides-Bravo, Francisco Gerardo , Hueyotl-Zahuantitla, Filiberto , Aguirre-López, Mario A.
A New Deterministic Gasket Fractal Based on Ball Sets

In this paper, we propose a new gasket fractal constructed in a deterministic iterated function system (IFS) way by means of interacting ball and square sets in R 2 . The gasket consists of the ball sets generated by the IFS, possessing also exact self-...

Hable, Angelika , Matore, Marko , Scherr, Anton , Krivec, Thomas , Gruber, Dieter
Detection of Printed Circuit Board Defects with Photometric Stereo and Convolutional Neural Networks

Bálint, Csaba , Valasek, Gábor , Gergó, Lajos
Low-Rank Rational Approximation of Natural Trochoid Parameterizations

Arc-length or natural parametrization of curves traverses the shape with unit speed, enabling uniform sampling and straightforward manipulation of functions defined on the geometry. However, Farouki and Sakkalis proved that it is impossible to parametrize a plane or space curve as...

Saga, Ryosuke , Baek, Jaeyoung
Evolutionary-Edge Bundling with Concatenation Process of Control Points

Edge bundling is one of the information visualization techniques, which bundle the edges of a network diagram based on certain rules to increase the visibility of the network diagram and facilitate the analysis of key relationships among nodes. As one of evolutionary-...

Stankowski, Jakub , Dziembowski, Adrian
Massively Parallel CPU-based Virtual View Synthesis with Atomic Z-test

In this paper we deal with the problem of real-time virtual view synthesis, which is crucial in practical immersive video systems. The majority of existing real-time view synthesizers described in literature require using dedicated hardware. In the proposed approach, the v...

Klóska, Dominika , Dziembowski, Adrian , Samelak, Jarosław
Versatile Input View Selection for Efficient Immersive Video Transmission

In this paper we deal with the problem of the optimal selection of input views, which are transmitted within an immersive video bitstream. Due to limited bitrate and pixel rate, only a subset of input views available on the encoder side can be fully tra...

Huan, Quentin , Rousselle, Francois , Renaud, Christophe
Optimised Light Rendering through Old Glass

We propose a rendering method for efficiently computing the transmitted caustics produced by a glass panel with arbitrary surface deformations, characteristic of old glass used in 3D reconstructions in virtual heritage. Using Fermat’s principle of least time, we generalize the concept...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 49