Katedra výpočetní a didaktické techniky / Department of Computer and Didactic Technology

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Hlavatá, Markéta
Digitální vyprávění

The topic of this work is the Digital Storytelling (DS) and is focused on using DS at school during education. The goal is giving definition of main points of preparation lessons with DS, possible complications and drawing up a suitable application list for mobile digota...

Pech, Zdeněk
Aktuální otázky využití interaktivní techniky ve výuce na základních školách

At first we described the modern technical means that are used today for teaching support. We have focused on various types of interactive touch-sensitive devices, as well as uncovering of technologies hidden within single devices. We also focused on dataprojectors that are still&...

Marton, Vojtěch
Distanční kurz Programování v Delphi

The aim of this theses is to create a distance learning course for subject Programming 2. Students in this distance learning course teaches the basic principles of work in the development environment Delphi in projects VCL Forms Application. First of students acquainted with the&#x...

Kozák, Peter
Výukový materiál pro předmět Periferní zařízení

The thesis is based on the updating teaching material (e-course) for the subject Peripherals. The course was transferred from the original e-learning environment ProAuthor into Moodle. There is also described why the course was updated and what it means to be utilized. For demonstr...

Korel, Tomáš
Řešení multiplatformního počítačového prostředí školy s Linux operačními systémy

This thesis introduces and evaluates a solution to a multiplatform computing environment of the elementary school in Oloví which is based on Zentyal Linux server and a coexistence of Windows and Linux operating systems on workstations. An example of a working infrastructure is offe...