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Recent Submissions

Chejlava, Viktor
Tvorba distančního kurzu předmětu Algoritmizace \nl{}pro vzdělávání na vysokých školách

This diploma thesis deals with problems associated with teaching algorythms at university level, as well as creating an on-line course for the subject "Algorythms in education". In theoretical part, space is devoted to the definition of basic terms, among which belong algorythms,&#...

Janů, Petr
Možnosti využití nástrojů Google Analytics

This thesis is focused on the Google Analytics analytics tool and marginally on the Google Adwords marketing tool. The main functions of these two tools, their usage in commercial and non-commercial spheres are described here. The main benefits of synchronization of these tools are...

Kratochvíl, Jiří
Vzdělávací kurz pro výuku předmětu Multimédia \nl{}pro vzdělávání 1

The diploma thesis deals with the processing of multimedia content such as digital audio, digital video or computer animation. Other topics include copyright law, an issue of publishing content on the Internet and possible risks in the educational and training context. Part of the&...

Frank, Filip
Výuka informatiky a podpora informatického myšlení pomocí legorobotů na gymnáziích

This thesis is called "Teaching computer science and support of computational thinking using legorobots at grammar schools". It is divided into five chapters. The first chapter deals with the definition of computational thinking. The second chapter examines the teaching of computer ...

Průcha, Tomáš
Srovnání vysokoškolského vzdělávání budoucích učitelů \nl{}informatiky v ČR a USA

The aim of this thesis is to carry out a comparative case study in the field of university preparatiot of future computer science teachers in the United States and the Czech Republic, on its basis we will describe the differences in the training of Computer Science t...