Katedra výpočetní a didaktické techniky / Department of Computer and Didactic Technology


Recent Submissions

Šťastný, Radek
Využití online únikových her k posílení mezipředmětových vztahů na 2. stupni ZŠ

This thesis deals with escape games, which can be used to connect intersubject relations. The main goal was to present the tools for making mentioned escape games and create the escape game itself, based on the studied curriculum in the eighth grade of primary school. The...

Hrnčiříková, Marcela
Portfolio aktivit pro revidovanou výuku informatiky na druhém stupni základní školy

The bachelor thesis "Portfolio of activities for the revised teaching of informatics at the second stage of primary school", deals in its theoretical part with factual and content of Curriculum changes in the development of teaching informatics. This thesis is also focuses on&...

Králová, Denisa
Volně dostupné online aplikace ve výuce cizích jazyků na základní škole

The bachelor thesis deals with freely available online applications that are used in foreign language teaching at primary schools and are suitable for curriculum fixation. The aim of this work is to present, compare and to research the requirements of elementary school language tea...

Karban, Šimon
Výuková stavebnice Arduino TinyLab na vysoké škole

This work introduces the reader with TinyLab prototyping board based on Arduino Leonardo and its individual modules. We learn how to work with the board and the peripherals, create programs using Arduino IDE via set of 19 exercises and 3 complex projects. Activities utilize LE...

Ludvík, Roman
Tvorba vzdělávací aplikace s historickou tematikou s prvky \nl{}gamifikace

This thesis describes gamification, that is use of gaming principles to make various activities more appealing. Thesis also includes examples of applications using gamification in education and describes creation of own educational application with focus of revising French revolutiuon. Part of&#x...