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Recent Submissions

Hofmanová, Kateřina
Zpracování analyticko-syntetické metody čtení v učebnicích od nakladatelství Fraus, Nová škola a Studio 1+1

The diploma thesis is focused on processing of analytical-synthetic method of reading in textbooks by publishing house NOVÁ ŠKOLA, Fraus and Studio 1 + 1. The thesis is divided into two parts. The first theoretical part is devoted to the historical development of the spelling&...

Budínová, Nikola
Motiv okna v próze Jáchyma Topola

The thesis deals with the issue of certain motives in the selected prose of writer Jáchym Topol. The initial chapters are devoted to the author's life and his literary creation. Motive theory is also briefly presented. The projected meanings of the particular motives of th...

Skrbková, Jana
Sfumato versus analyticko-syntetická metoda čtení

My Dissertation Work describes the concept of reading and the readers´ literacy. It describes and compares teaching of reading by analytic-synthetic Sfumato-integrated reading method. It describes in details both the methods aiming to description of conformity and differences of thei...

Pawelková, Ivana
Připravenost žáků 1. ročníku ZŠ na školní výuku

This thesis deals with the issue of school maturity and its testing. The theoretical part clarifies the basic terminology of the given issue and introduces knowledge of the development of pre-school children and children of the early school age. Developmental, biological as well as...

Kalfářová, Helena
Přípravné třídy na ZŠ

The thesis "Preparatory classes at primary schools" defines their contribution from the perspective of teachers, legal representatives of children and above all describes the education of children in the preparatory class. The aim of the thesis was to define the pre-school age ...