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Coba, István
OpenLensFlare: an open-source, lens flare designing and rendering framework

Lens flare rendering in computer games has always been lacking. While physically motivated solutions based on real camera systems exist, their inherent complexity makes them inappropriate for widespread use. Developers are not trained to work with these complicated imaging systems, an...

Almurayh, Abdullah , Semwal, Sudhanshu Kumar
CoUIM: crossover user interface model for inclusive computing

Persons with disabilities can face considerable challenges accessing many computing systems, such as cloud computing. We created six low-cost user interfaces using: keyboard-based, touchable, speech-based, touch-less gesture, tactile, and then combined them all in one user interface termed Crossover U...

Inui, Masatomo , Gunji, Kenta , Umezu, Nobuyuki
Extraction of sliding collision area of knee-form for automobile safety inspections

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe defines a safety regulation based on the possible collision between the driver’s knee and an automobile’s interior parts. The “knee-form” apparatus is used to evaluate compliance with this regulation. Current software for analyzing possible c...

Devine, Scott , Nicholson, Chris , Rafferty, Karen , Herdman, Chris
Improving the ergonomics of hand tracking inputs to VR HMD’s

This study improves the ergonomics of using the Leap Motion hand tracking device with an Oculus Rift. The improvements were realised through the use of a 3D printed mount that angled the Leap Motion down by 30 degrees. This allowed for users to interact with a virtua...

Tuba, Eva , Tuba, Milan , Simian, Dana
Support vector machine optimized by firefly algorithm for emphysema classification in lung tissue CT images

Digital images and digital image processing facilitated significant progress in numerous areas where medicine is an important one of them. Computer-aided detection and diagnostics systems are used to assist specialists in interpretation of medical digital images. One of the important research...