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Recent Submissions

Kadaňová, Aneta
Historický vývoj notářství na území českých zemí

This thesis is focused on the historical development of the notary from the perspective of legal history. The work is under threat and makes the main chapters and subchapters. Individual chapters map the historical development of the notary from ancient times to the present. R...

Grossmann, Luboš
Právní úprava pracovního práva v letech 1945-1989

The thesis deals with the development and legal regulation of labor law in 1945-1989. The thesis introduces the individual labor law regulations of the period under review and some of them also carried out their juristic analysis. The thesis also discusses individual concepts and&#...

Radolf, Tomáš
Trestní zákonodárství na pozadí vybraných "vedlejších" trestních zákonů a trestní soudnictví v 1. ČSR

This thesis is devoted to progresion criminal law in 1. ČSR and indicate the changes in this legal period. The aim of thios thesis is demonstrate experiments on the creation of new criminal law. This thesis is focused on the secondary laws, which made b...

Jareš, Radek
Vývoj horního práva od jeho počátků do 19. století na území českého státu

The thesis focuses on the historical development of mining law from its beginnings to the 19th century. In particular, it focuses on the development of mining law in the Jihlava, Kutná Hora and Jáchymov areas during the reign of individual Czech kings and on the publicati...

Stahlová, Soňa
Mocenské delikty v zemském a městském právu

The aim of this thesis is to give an overview of power torts in municipal law, as well as urban law. The thesis is based on the investigation of criminal law especially in the period of the Estates monarchy, because this period represents a cross-section of various&#...