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Bejvančická, Alexandra
Majetkové křivdy způsobné církvím a náboženským společnostem v letech 1948 - 1989 a jejich naturální restituce po roce 1989

The rigorous thesis discusses the procedure of the communist regime in the years 1948-1989 in dispossession and expropriation of church property ownership and subsequent gradual resumption of churches and religious societies in the democratic state after 1989. The work is divided into e...

Vyoralová, Tereza
Směnečné právo a soudnictví v 18. a 19. století

The present work is devoted to the exchange law in the Czech lands and affects the concept of the bill (cambium, Wechsel) in their transformations. After describing the roots exchange law aims to bill orders of the 18th century (1763) and 19th century (year 1850), analyze...

Fremr, Jiří
Konfederace a konfederační ujednání na počátku 17. století a jejich vzory

The goal of this thesis is to present confederations and that has developed in 17th century. Present the therms cenfederation and federation and their origin. Then to present examples for the czech confederation and confederation's arrangements abroad and domestic examples at the en...

Semorád, Vítězslav
Dějiny notářství v jižních Čechách v letech 1848-1938

The thesis aims at outlining a brief history of notarial services and their development in Southern Bohemia. Selected Southern Bohemian notaries are presented, along with their work. The goal of the thesis is to improve the knowledge of the regional history of notarial services.

Grossmann, Luboš
Vývoj porotního soudnictví v českých zemích v letech 1848 - 1948

The thesis discusses the origin and evolution of the jury judiciary in the Czech lands, evaluates the pros and cons of this system, the beginnings of this institution, and especially not neglect characteristic of English jury justice and other European countries (France,&#x...