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Recent Submissions

Petřík, Dominik
Římské právo na středověkých univerzitách

The bachelor's thesis deals with the study of Roman law at medieval universities, where the main part is devoted to the time since the rediscovery of the Roman law collections in the 12th century. The aim of the work is to define the famous arrival and effe...

Kubeš, Michal
Právo věci v římském právu

This bachelor thesis deals with the law of things in Roman law. The main topic is division of things according to important Roman lawyers. There is also a historical content of ancient Rome or brief division of rights in rem. Comparison and projection of Roman law in...

Kubrycht, Josef
Konec Svaté říše římské národa německého

The thesis deals with the last period of the "life" of the Holy Roman Empire of the German nation. After clarifying what the Holy Roman Empire was, it provides insight into the political and legal culture of the Empire before its collapse in 1806. It draws ...

Rakašová, Karin
Právní úprava vzniku a vývoje Sboru národní bezpečnosti v Československu 1948 - 1989

This diploma thesis is about law regulation of the National Security Corps in Czechoslovakia 1948 to 1989. The aim of the thesis is detailed analysis of the four main laws and their selected implementing legislation. The concluison of the thesis should be comparison of the...

Varga, Daniel
Stanovení státních hranic našeho státu po 1. a 2. světové válce

This thesis focuses on the issue of border demarcation of our country after the World War I and World War II. The thesis highlights the most important events that are closely related to the issue. In the introductory part, the issue of the determination of borders af...