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Rak, Michal
Tenkrát na Severozápadě: rok 1945 v Ústí nad Labem a okolí

Franc, Martin , Křížek, Daniel , Rak, Michal , Ventrubová, Eliška , Mücke, Pavel
Výber literatury ke kulturním dějinám za léta 2013–2015

Raisová, Eva
Angloamerické drama na plzeňských scénách. MIŠTEROVÁ , Ivona (2013): Plzeň : Západočeská univerzita v Plzni.

Murgaš, Jaromír
Výukový experiment k myšlenkovým dovednostem studentů vysokých škol a role proto-filosofické výuky pro kulturu jejich myšlení

A pedagogical experiment, which I describe in this text and whose partial yet considerably significant outcomes I present, revealed a number of problems considering how students are able to deal with a philosophical example (or rather a sophism), though at a simple lev...

Kastnerová, Martina
Sidney, Spenser, Puttenham: tři typy alžbětinské poetiky a utváření profesní a národní identity prostřednictvím pozeie

The study deals with the main tenets of the Elizabethan Poetics, as 1) the concept of poesy as creating fictional worlds and the concept of poet as a “maker”, 2) moral and social role of poetry and the concept of “doctrine by ensample”, 3) unity of poetic...

Křivancová, Jana
Jaroslav MICHÁLKA Roky v pekle. Vzpomínky politického vězně z 50. let Praha: ÚSTR – Volvox Globator 2015 ISBN 978-80-7511-131-9, 190 pages

Boček, Martin
Die Nordroute der Auswanderer aus der Habsburgermonarchie

Inhabitants of the Habsburg Monarchy began to dominate in the number of immigrants heading to the United States of America after year 1883. The largest number of emigrants were heading through the North German ports, because the journey to the north of Germany was...

Horová, Helena
Exploitation didactique de la terminologoie et de la définition dans les cours de français de spécialité

The main objective of our paper is related to the previous publications of the author who had for the object the textual analys. The communication seeks above all to define the basic terms of the term: terminology and definition based on Czech and French linguistic source...

Koláříková, Dagmar
Le mémoire, ce n’est pas seulement un tas de pages couvertes de petits caractères noirs

This paper develops an accurate portrait of grammatical errors made by students of French at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. The data used in this study comprised theses of twenty university students learning French. The study&#x...

Mudrochová, Radka
Les mots en -ing dans le français d’aujourd’hui issus du journal Le Nouvel Économiste: des termes économiques ou des créations propres au style journalistique ?

The aim of this paper is to characterize "semispecialized" texts from the economic field published in the newspaper Le Nouvel Économiste in terms of the use of lexemes ending at -ing in contemporary French. The study first represents our set of work with words ending...

Fenclová, Marie
Le français de spécialité dans les programmes philologiques aux universités tchèques

We have conducted a survey of the programs of study of all Czech university workplaces concerned with French as a philological discipline in order to find out if they offer also instruction in the professional, or possibly scholarly, French language. It has been determined tha...

Fenclová, Marie
Úvodní strany

Korostenski, Jiří
ZOLOTOVA, Marija Arkadjevna, KRAŠENNIKOVA, Julia Alexandrovna a POZDĚJEV, Vjačeslav Alexejevič (2015): Evoljucija etničeskich markerov vjatskich severnych i južnych etnokontaktnych zon. Kirov: OOO Raduga-PRESS, a.s.

Korostenski, Jiří
O současnosti a perspektivách kognitivní lingvistiky, lingvokonceptologie a pragmatické lingvistiky: rozhovor s předním odborníkem v oboru Konstiantynem Mizinem

Skopečková, Eva
Aplikovaná lingvistika: překonaný koncept nebo naopak pevně ukotvená disciplína?

“In fact, the field of AL has been plagued by self-doubt, identity crisis, and fear of fragmentation since very early on in its history.”† Nevertheless, despite that applied linguistics seems to be a very productive field and the term has been widely used in many&#...

Mišterová, Ivona
Madijó? Madi Ágerikum: jazyk jako nositel kulturních hodnot v románu Arundhatí Royové Bůh maličkostí

The article explores multilingualism used in the novel by the Anglo-Indian writer Arundhati Roy The God of Small Things (1997). Language in the novel becomes a communication link between characters from different castes, whom, on the one hand, frees from traditional social&...

Korostenski, Jiří
Rod´ antropočenstizma v pročessnach ojazykovlenija ponjatij: (na materialach češsko-russkich sopostavlenij)

Turn in sciences that started in the 2nd half of the previous century spread into linguistics and changed many basic standards. One of them is introduction of principle and notion of anthropocentrism into linguistic studies. It turned out that many close to linguistics...

Skřivan jr., Aleš
On the character of the foreign trade of the People’s republic of China in the period 1949–1969

Foreign trade was one of the first areas of the Chinese economy which passed completely under the state control after the establishment of the Communist regime in China. The Beijing government started to build a new institutional model inspired by the Soviet experience...

Rašková, Eva
The National association of Northern Bohemia: a few remarks concerning its foundation, organization, and activities

The paper deals with the foundation, organization and activity of the national protective association, which existed in the northern border regions of Bohemia in the period of 1885–1948. It was the National Association of Northern Bohemia (NANB) and it protected the so-call...

Kondrys, Jan
Islamic modernism: a legitimate part of a historical tradition of islamic thought

The topic of this paper is Islamic modernism, an important school of thought within modern Islam, a source of inspiration for various current progressive movements and individual intellectuals across the Muslim world. A brief introductory definition of Islamic modernism with the...

Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 1 až 20 z 506