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Čechura, Jan
Řízení o dopravních přestupcích se zaměřením na vybrané případy - obstrukce účastníků řízení

The diploma thesis is focused on obstruction in the process of traffic offenses. The benefit of this work is above all the grouping of diverse opinions on the given issue and the presentation of examples of possible solutions to the emergence of undesirable situations in ...

Augustinová, Martina
Správní sankce ukládané živnostenskými úřady

In my diploma thesis, I set as objective to try to get the business and non-business public to know the basic obligations of entrepreneurs from the Trade Licensing Act and other legal regulations, the possible procedures of the Trade Licensing Offices in solving the violation&...

Podávka, Michal
Správní řízení na úseku přestupků se zaměřením na řízení před správním orgánem prvního stupně

The author of this thesis deals with the offence proceedings by the first instance administrative body according to amendment no. 250 / 2016 of the Legal Code ( effective from 1. 7. 2017 ). Following the introduction to thesis, briefly explains the reasons which have ...

Tomšová, Tereza
Řízení o rozkladu v teorii a praxi

This diploma thesis deals with the institute of remonstrace and with the proceedings on remonstrace from both doctrinal and practical point of view. The institute of remonstrace shows specific signs that distinguish it from the appeal. Those signs are mainly represented by the lack...

Vohryzková, Michaela
Úvahy nad zavedením přímé volby starosty obce v ČR

This diploma deals with the mayor of the municipality in the Czech Republic. It is primarily focuses on the possibility of introducing a direct election of mayors in the Czech Republic. The main objective of this diploma is to propose a model of direct election of ma...