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Karaivanova, Anna

The theme of my thesis is TRENDS, STYLE AND VISION - OWN TOPIC Author's collection. These topic allowed me to explore current fashion trends and it ´s own backround. In a time full of unpredictable events affected by pandemic COVID-19 and war in Ukraine&...

Doležalová, Terezie

The aim of this work was to design a technically and structurally functional weekend cottage, which would be appreciated by not only many winter sports enthusiasts, but also visitors of mountain resorts in different seasons. In my diploma thesis you can find a detailed descrip...

Vinogradova, Lada
Ilustrovaná kniha

The subject of my diploma thesis is an illustrated book. I chose to illustrate myths about flowers, these tales are sincere and beautiful. The tales for this book were collected, written and edited by me. The book is for children and adults who are interested in myth...

Kubašta, Kristýna

The diploma thesis is divided into three parts. The first of them, the shortest, but still very essential in understanding the overall picture, both artistic work and personality. In short, it lists the initial path. The second part reveals and explains individual lines, milestones...

Vu, Minh Duc

Creating an author's book that would follow my previous work, a video called "Nuoc". The book was loosely themed on water, the Vietnamese word "nuoc", which can be translated as water, but also other words such as homeland, nation and state. An image and...

Hustolesová, Aneta

This work is a leporelo for children. It contains 22 pages, both side printed. Every page is connected to a next page with an orange buckram. Part of my work is also two tiger soft toys, which can also be used as pillows. Story at itself is about...

Fürstová, Adéla

The subject of my thesis is knitting on an industrial knitting machine. I focus on a woman, I map her body, diversity and personality. Thanks to touch, we know that we are here and now. I examine touch as such, everything that touches us and what we touch....


I chose the topic Light as my diploma thesis. I decided to create a light that is inspired by historical gas lamps, they have their unmistakable shape and play an important role in the history of urban lighting. The main goal was to create a dignified modern des...

Tomáš, Martin

Podoli swimming stadium is exceptional in its location and landscape. It is located in a former quarry where limestone was mined. Thanks to this environment, the place is very private. The author of the stadium realized this advantage and developed an excellent architectural concept.&#x...

Zheleznova, Vlada

Creative intent: create an environmentally friendly product. The aim of the work is to deepen knowledge of the theme, improve design on this topic, innovative and original problem solutions and adopt new technology in design process. In my project, I decided to use...

Tomášková, Michaela

My diploma thesis is based on the topic of symbiosis. This project is focused mainly on the coexistence and collaboration of humans and insects. The idea of this project is to improve the relationship between civilization and nature to support the sustainability of biodiversity.&#x...

Císler, Jiří
Vizuální kronika místa. Hrádek/Ratka

Ratka / Hrádek, visual chronicle of the place is an attempt to restore and preserve valuable historic and personal information concerning a little village, in western Bohemian region, today na- med Hrádek, in the form of author's book. The informations about the past ...

Čaplová, Karolína

"Psychologist in the Pocket" was created in a collaboration with a psychologist Michaela Grochová MSc. The "Psychologist in the Pocket" offers relief and solutions to difficult life situations here and now, explains how emotions and moods work, how emotions are connected ...

Kučerová, Kamila

The topic of my Master's thesis is the Author's Book, where I have developed and created the Quin font. I have described the process of designing the author's font from its digitalisation through to its subsequent application. In doing so, I have demonstrated the v...

Zamouřilová, Alexandra
Interaktivní encyklopedie

Klimapedia.cz is an interactive online encyclopaedia, the sole purpose of which is to educate and inform the wide public about climate change. My reasoning for selection of this topic is the urgent danger of the disastrous effects of our changing climate. Scientists have been...

Kovtun, Hanna

The topic of my diploma thesis is an illustrated book. I chose a book named Milion melounů, written by Czech author Daniela Fisherová. The author wrote funny and interesting poems. This book is for children around six years. I was experimenting with several techniques, for...

Kosikava, Serafima

The theme of my diploma work is an illustrated pop-up book. The book is designed for children of the age of 3 to 7 years. It is an accordion-fold pop-up alphabet book. The size of the book is 220x250 mm. The number of pages is 26.

Svobodová, Sylvie
Ilustrovaná kniha pro děti

I created a book for children, I was inspired by stories from the folklore history of creatures of Slavic mythology. In the book, we walk through an imaginary forest in which the reader is introduced to 9 different creatures, in a short text from dawn to dusk. T...

Khudiakova, Vlada

My graduation project, named Forder, is a concept of an economical vehicle designed to transport luggage around the airport. The fundamental novelty of the designed vehicle is that it saves energy in three different ways: saving its own energy in the process of op...

Stuška, Přemysl
Návrh designu vyfukovacího stroje včetně pracovního prostoru

One of the goals I set at the beginning of the work was original design and not interchangeable with competing products. In addition to the pleasing design, the design focuses primarily on practicality, safety and ergonomics. After negotiations with the close management of GDK,...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 306