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Macků, Jan

Graphic novel, Adventures of Bedřich Smola, is a dark comedy with elements of gore and psychological thriller written and drawn by Jan Macků. The story follows a post office employee, Bedřich Smola, who embarks on a journey to deliver a package. Where to? And what is ...

Jirkovský, Daniel

The series of brooches "Inspirium" is a reflection of the topic of breathing in/inhaling in combination with material research. presented work is putting into contrast Life and Death through confrontation both in one object or series of objects. This principle&#x...

Tolarová, Leila

4rest is a project that includes four play-educational units located in Czech national parks. It is a system of game elements that should develop children in all aspects. The physical development is focused on balancing elements, climbing frames, climbing frames, ropes...

Košutová, Lenka

Prodigy is a 72 page comic book. Its story is set in a fighting game tournament, which brings together the lives of a talented young girl, an experienced veteran player and his estranged friend. The comic book is illustrated digitally and printed in a hardcover book ...

Bláhová, Adéla
Design pro drobné domácí mazlíčky

PlyPet is a concept of a compact and multifunctional pet carrier designed to provide for a small pet's elemental needs during travel, transport and short stays beyond the home. It's basically a hybrid between a travel cage and an indoor pet bed. By removing the to...

Potůček, Tomáš

This thesis deals with unconventional methods of interior air conditioning. The initial idea is to design and manufacture a low-energy air conditioner that also serves as a humidifier. The resulting product is on the border between design and interior sculpture, made of porcelain 3...

Nácalová, Viktorie

The diploma thesis presents a collection of trays made by moulding into plaster moulds. The chosen combination of materials - darker stoneware and hard porcelain engobe - creates a contrast and emphasizes the resulting aesthetics of the tray. The surfaces of the coasters are d...

Kopecká, Kateřina

A work that combines gastronomy with art and craft. This is how the food service for the restaurant Mace in Tábor was created, whose chef is Martin Svatek. A collaboration that relies on local ingredients was created. The ingredients used for the service come from raw...

Vilímovská, Karolína

Taraxacum is an illustrated silent book with comics elements. It talks about people, dandelions and their similarities to one another. There are 52 pages of doubepage illustrations or comics that lie on large format 300x300 mm pages. The art was made digitally with the use...

Tyl, Dominik
Ilustrovaná kniha

The work revolves around the evolution of man, from his genesis in Africa to the great migration around 70 000 years ago. It's the first part of the planned book, mapping the journey of Homo sapiens from Africa all the way to the islands of Polynesia, showing...

Kloboučníková, Valentýna

My thesis deals with interpersonal relationships and the problems that come with those. Based on a questionnaire answered by about 40 people who responded to my call on Instagram, I compiled a book consisting of three chapters (3 notebooks in one carton cover) called "Com...

Rybárová, Katarína
Kresba jako obraz

The work consists of four series of drawings, distinguished by the size of the format used. In my drawings, I processed the theme of home, through the landscape and its textures.

Pavelková mišterová, Anna Marie
ilustrovaná kniha

The Lešany Crib is the last published book by František Hrubín. It tells a story that is 2,000 years old, but set in the time and landscape of his childhood. The journey of Mary and Joseph, who return home from a baptism with a baby in their arms, is i...

Navrátilová, Aneta

The diploma thesis is an illustrated artist's book called Iva and Ema, which is about the introverted Iva and her extroverted sister Ema. The book is dealing with introversion, extroversion, childhood, emotions, self-knowledge, mutual observation and respect. The book is meant to&#...

Khaustova, Anastasia

Spare space is an original silent comic book of 60 pages 210 x 260 mm in size, that contains five short stories. It is drawn digitally, by using charcoal texture, the whole book is black and white.

Porazilová, Johanka

The book, Kioba, is about an old woman, her crisis and her return to herself. This work aims to focus attention on our relationship to aging and to point out the stereotypes we have unconsciously learned around aging women.

Seifertová, Vendula

The aim of my thesis was to design the concept of mobile self-service snacks, which will be innovative in its shape or material solution, but also in its purpose and use. The result is a concept trailer that will serve as mobile snacks. At the same time, it ...

Jarolímková, Kristýna
Ilustrovaná kniha

This thesis focuses on the rules of children's movements and games. The goal is to create a simple book that can serve as a manual, particularly for collective games. To address the problem of forgotten rules, the solution is to explain the rules of children's gam...

Svítil, Václav
Život s virtuální realitou

This master's thesis aims to provide a comprehensive view of life with virtual reality from the perspective of a digital designer. I have conducted general research that allowed me to better understand the possibilities and challenges associated with VR and how I, as a des...

Vítek, Jan

Interior design complemented by exterior focused on the theme of traveling in an autonomous vehicle. Exploring and outlining potential solutions in transportation and travel, as well as in autonomous interiors. Research on the current opinions on autonomous vehicles and their future utilizat...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 354