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Němcová, Magdalena

The main purpose of this work is a creation of inovative furniture collection with an element of swinging and rocking. The set includes a rocking chair, a swing and a rocker for children. The work deals with all aspects that leads to design concept of high-quality.The...

Tajrychová, Ester

For the theme of my diploma thesis on the topic of the author's book I created a book called Do not do which by means of illustrations printed on the risograph printer describes stories of human stupidity that lead to different results. Its aim is to make pe...

Malcová, Stanislava
VLASTNI FILOZOFIE, ANALYZA STYLU "MOJE ZNACKA" Celková koncepce, typ zákazníka a vize. Kolekce obuvi a doplňků (případně včetně oděvu). 6 ks modelů.

The whole concept comes from an idea of possibilities opened by the connection between fashion and modern trends using new materials. I am interested in material produced under the brand CleverTex, which can help people with atopic dermatitis. I chose young women affected by t...

Šenkýř, Vlastimil

My diploma thesis is a collection of jewels which consist of seven main pieces and some additional components with both connecting and aesthetic function. The theme of the collection is a quote from Prof. Vratislav Karel Novak "The jewel is everything what we ...

Stejskalová, Eva

The subject of my diploma thesis was a Pilgrim. My goal was to take a journey, to use this experience in my work and while using the Pilgrim as a guide to create a work which would reflect my current state of mind and opinion on life. At the same ...

Muzika, Radek
Návrh zastávky MHD pro město Plzeň

Theme of diploma thesis came up from a situation when I needed to rework my atelier project into a real prototype. The whole project started with a task to make a design of a bus stop specially for the city of Pilsen. After I did a research of existing ...

Šenkýř, Vlastimil

As my diploma work I have created a set of brooches. The name of this set is EYE OF UNIVERSE and the set consists of nine brooches. The brooches are inspired by inner space of human iris. The name of set EYE OF UNIVERSE refers to the fact, ...

Dylová, Michaela
Vizuální identita existujícího subjektu (funkční maketa grafického manuálu)

My Master's Thesis is about complex promotion of the musical artist DJ Yuri. My work includes corporate identity from the D'n'B music genre. It also includes logo of the artist's brand, logo manual, web design and merchandising which is also very important part of&#...

Francová, Mariana
Ilustrovaná dětská knížka a dodatkové výtvarné práce - Pohádky

The work is composed of a book, a calendar and a game. It is the book "Me, Baryk" written by František Nepil. The main character of the story is a dog called Baryk, who introduces his twelve animal friends as a guide through the calendar year. The aim&...

Fúčelová, Mária

What I am trying to do is to find a clear visual form and a lifeboat in the sea of information about the work I have done and not to burden the observer more than necessary so that he or she gets a grasp of my capabilities. By means of ...

Bělohoubková, Anežka

A set of ten toys in form of a kit, each of them represents one animal, which is characterized by its shape, colour and decor. Each toy consists of 2 - 4 body parts and 2 - 4 legs. They are made of beech wood, as connecting elements are used magne...

Wiesenbergová, Adéla

The main inspirational source of my diploma thesis is the sgraffito motifs that created my forerunner Alois Mudruňka at the Sokol in Uhersko. The collection includes brooches and necklaces made of wooden veneers in combination with brass.

Haufová, Barbora
"Přímka patří člověku, křivka bohu."/A. Gaudí

My dissertation is inspired by a tree energy. The glass objects are based on a subconscious drawings, which were created in a certain phase of meditation beneath the threes. Sometimes I have used the entire drawing - only downscaled, sometimes just a detail. The objects t...

Penzová, Dita
TRENDY, STYL A VIZE - VLASTNÍ TÉMA Autorská kolekce. Ucelená kolekce oděvů a doplňků.

My diploma project is a winter collection inspired by the phenomenon of Pokémon. My main aim was to recreate this theme of this subculture into fashionable statement. I wanted to create a collection which celebrates the mission of spreading kindness and connecting people. The ...

Kocourek, Michal
Cyklus ilustrací na téma Transfigurace těla.

The work aims to study and capture halucinations and visions caused by attempting an old demonology ritual and related practises of my own choosing.

Hostašová, Iveta

I redesigned the logo for the Museum and Gallery of Orlické hory, called "Muzeum a galerie Orlických hor" (MGOH) and its three branches: Vamberk Lace Museum called "Muzeum krajky Vamberk" (MKV), Art Gallery called "Orlická galerie" (OG), Granary House called "Sý...

Hrušková, Nikola
Autorská komiksová kniha

Horror comics. It contains 7 short stories, which are created in the technique of pencil drawing and digitaly coloured.

Šajnerová, Tereza
Ilustrovaná autorská kniha s interaktivními prvky a doplňkové práce

This thesis represents an artist's book entitled Firefly and the World and a figurine of the main character. The book tells a story of Firefly, a female lightning bug, whose dream is to fly. In the pursuit of her dream, she gets into trouble and embarks on a...

Grimová, Sarah

My graduation project of my master studies is a Bibliophile. It is a book called in the original Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You: A Guide to the Universe and it is written by Marcus Chown. This book is about the quantum theory obviously but it is written for pe...

Byrtusová, Petra
Vizuální identita existujícího subjektu

In my Master's Thesis I've worked on corporate identity of real company. I've chosen Czech publishing company Plus. As core of my work was complex rebranding I designed also new merchandising, promo materials, poster and book edition.

Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 1 až 20 z 95