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Syřišťová, Veronika
"NEVSTUPUJ, KDO NEZNÁŠ GEOMETRII" /Platón/ Autorská kolekce, série šperků/objektů, včetně etuí, v počtu min. 7 ks.

My goal was to create work that will be inspired by the truss structures of high voltage pylons. I wanted to show that these buildings, although they are hated by many people, can have a high esthetic value. I named my work ATTENTION !, which refers to the ...

Frk, Adam
TRENDY, STYL A VIZE - VLASTNÍ TÉMA Autorská kolekce. Ucelená kolekce oděvů a doplňků (6 ks modelů).

The theme of my thesis is TRENDS, STYLE AND VISION - OWN TOPIC Author's collection. A comprehensive collection of clothing and accessories. This theme allowed me to explore the theme of sustainability in fashion, which was my main focus. I was able to present my own&#...

Dubovyk, Sergiy

The result of my diploma thesis is a collection of brooches called "Universe". The jewelry collection consists of eight brooches. The main source of inspiration for my work was the universe and everything connected with it, infinite space, the solar system and the geometr...

Louvar, Filip
Design plachtenice typu cruiser pro dvě a více osob

Sailboat design with a capacity for 5 people. The total length of the vessel is 8.3 meters and is suitable for transport on a towing device. It is a recreational vessel of the cruiser type.

Starý, Tomáš
Udržitelný design (minimalizace dopadů na životní prostředí)

The final design is a set of home vermicomposter, used for ecological disposal of biodegradable kitchen waste and a hydroponic box for growing herbs and vegetables at home without the need to use soil - it is fully replaced by the nutrient solution and growing medium....

Řehák, Martin

I chose this topic for my diploma thesis because I wanted to prove that it is possible to use agrotechnic machine as a plausible subject for a visual study. The main goal for me was to preserve the high visual standard of minimalistic small tractors from the 60&...

Slabá, Andrea
Návrh produktů pro uvolňování léčivých, vonných, očišťujících a vysvěcujících látek.

The diploma thesis theme is the proposal of products, which are used for release of fragrances and sanitizers. The work itself went through many modifications during creating.

Balcarová, Tereza
Symboly, znaky naší civilizační doby.

My thesis looks like a big hustle and bustle, a chaos describing and showing our present world. The paintings seem to be so distracted as if one was looking through a flea eye or the naked eye of newborn who simply cannot focus on what is happ...

Albrechtová, Tereza
Předměty touhy

The main purpose of this work is a creation of objects that would be used for psychological diagnosis and therapy. The first part is based on the theoretical knowledge, the second part is based on designing, creations and description of the final product. The designs are&...

Ďurina, Jan
Autonomní doručovací systém

This thesis deals with the concept of an autonomous diagnostic station as a van vehicle. It makes diagnoses for older patients and reveal possibility of health issue. It performs a preventive body inspection.

Plicová, Klára
Vizuální identita existujícího subjektu

My diploma thesis deals with the new visual identity of the Oliver Braun brand. Oliver Braun is company mainly focused on traditional crafts, especially on plastering and restoration of architectural objects. He teaches these crafts and also owns shared studios for artists and craf...

Matouš, Matěj
Autorská kniha

Author's book mapping the period of one year in terms of the poster and the number of the day. The book focuses on an experiment with typography, composition and contrast.

Kopřivová, Kristýna

Visual identity for Jaroslav Fragner Gallery. Tha gallery is based in Prague and it is renowned for exhibiting the work of architects.

Nováková, Kamila
Autorská kniha

For my diploma project I chose the topic of Author's book and created a book about bookbinding. Book, Paper, Scissors is aimed at teaching art school students more about the theory of bookbinding. The book is divided into three parts. The first one is about paper ...

Kovářová, Tereza

Author of this master thesis choose the topic: Visual identity of an existing entity (functional graphics manual mockup); as part of his student specialisation. She more specifically choose redesign of J. K. Tyl theatre in Pilsen, since it is focus of author part of interest.&...

Jelínková, Petra
Vizuální identita existujícího subjektu

Subject of this diploma thesis is a new visual identity of company Kecky. Kecky is a Czech startup company manufacturing canvas sneakers in tradition of Czech shoes of years 1965-1980. Core values of the company are minimum negative impact on the environment and respect to the...

Havel, Kristián
Grafika pro videohru

The theme of the work is graphics for video game. Goal is to create functional graphic assets for menu and game levels. Work includes character design, environment design and UI design. Finished work will be presented on four posters and small brochure.

Kopřivová, Terezie
Autorská kniha

Panicum is a display typeface that combines principles of both sans-serif and serif and can be described as Linear Antiqua. The font is inspired by writing with a flat pen. That can be seen especially in sharply cut stems of some lowercases and large contrast...

Chabr, Jan
Autorská kniha

Output of my diploma thesis is an escape card game called Secret Message for Alquist inspired by the worldknown sci-fi drama R.U.R. written by czech playwright Karel Čapek. Reader is invited to dystopian future, where robots overcome a human civilization. Main goal is to ...

Simon, David
Výjevy inspirované středověkým životem - Návrhy, krajiny, ilustrace

Kremsiger is an art book aimed to show medieval life of miners and their families. At the same time describing and illustrating the process of gaining silver ore at the Kremsiger mining settlement.

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 217