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Kratochvílová, Linda

In this work, I deal with my contrasting ways of life, which I link together through a series of videos. In the form of exaggeration, I combine my individual interests. Very important role in my work is played by people's impressions and prejudices regarding my person...

Bartovský, Pavel
Hororový film

My thesis Horror film deals with the overall description of this not only cinematic legendary genre. Including a description of individual subgenres and a description of the type of narration and film language used in them. Next, an analysis of selected films, and not just...

Vlček, Matěj
Autorské video

ELIZA is an author's video. It is a combination of a short movie and a music video. What is reality? Who am I? These are the main questions to ask after watching. This video looks into the deepest areas of mind. It depicts the possible future of humankind&#x...

Lubas, Martin
"Méně je více." M. van der Rohe

Set of nine minimalist brooches made of glass steel with magnetic mechanism.

Rýdlová, Eliška

A comic book Knihomol (Bookworm in english) tells a story about writer who is struggling to finish his next book. He's trying to find his happiness in alcohol and he takes out his frustration on his old neighbor who likes to feed pigeons. The writer undergoes a&#...