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Valouchová, Jana
Hudební klip

This diploma thesis describes choice, process and realization of an animated music video for the composition named Granada by Spanish musician Paco de Lucía. The film is made by a traditional stop-motion animation technique. It is an animation of natural materials, glass fragments ...

Fleková, Lucie

The theme of my thesis is "UNEXPECTED" and I have created a series of objects porcelain plates, which have been perished by etching. Porcelain can only be etched by acids. This method is very aggressive and leads to destruction of the exposed objects. In...

Walterová, Šárka

The work is primarily based on the reflection of exploring countryside of home country, roots of forefathers, names, memories of childhood in a natural environment. The output is an intermedial object - green rustic mossy green sofa made from natural materials - situated...

Šilhavá, Veronika
Soukromý rituál

When people touch or use things, they leave invisible prints of their lifes and memories on them. Because of these prints, ordinary, dull things can become solitaires. This is the main idea of my thesis. I have designed special porcelain set, which is able to carry t...

Brůha, Martin

My work is digital ilustrations with elements of animation. On the screen you would see a compilation of seven illustrations with a few visual effects and some changing captions, which describe functionality and application of illustrated machines. The motifs are inspired by my own...

Vostalová, Lucie
Designová improvizace

Diploma thesis is based on the contrast between pure functional design and playful experimental design which passes into artistic objects. The building pillar of both positions is a tea set for one person. I created a tea service for one person and I thought of...

Müllerová, Dita

Space installation made of plastic cable ties on the theme Hommage á Sutnar. The object is hung in the spacious hall of the railway station, in the Moving station in Pilsen.

Coelho, Iva
Zvuková instalace

The diploma thesis is focussed on how to make life better for people with Alzheimer's disease. It is based on inventing technologies for help in every day life. In my thesis is a description of the process of testing and developing. The technologies are customized&#x...

Opalko, Evgeniya

"LIVE OF DREAMS" is a five-minute authoring video with sound. Video created based on my own experiences and feelings. The aim of the work is to bring viewers into the atmosphere of my dreams. Most in multimedia work I appreciate when the work reflects&#x...

Nováková, Šárka

The topic of this work is " Unexpected..." and it is possible to place variable words instead of the dots. I chose a subtitle The Way to Myself. I am trying to express the way of recognition of secret inner layer placed in each of us. I am doing&#...

Macourková, Klára
Jako každý druhý den

The work is based on social research which shows degradation of language by the phone calls. The phone calls are rewritten and binded in a book. Installation also contains a sound record. The message of my work is about quality of speaking during phone calls.

Kobelová, Mária

I am the right shape. I am indeed here. It is a pleasure to look at me. "I am.". The collection conveys the most profound message that its mere existence is of greater significance than the message itself.

Frýdlová, Lucie

I have been creating art since i was a child. From narrative art brut drawings became to be realistic drawings. My artworks continued at my graphic highschool. Influence of graphic on my art is still noticeble. Minimalism and graphic pureness fascinated me forever. But&...

Filip, Petr
Co vidím, už tu není

The concept of my art lies in symbolical concept of building borders. Current time is very rich in ideas of separations, for example, separation of our state from the Western Europe, which often stems from irrational fear and as a reaction on migration of individuals...

Gažarová, Martina
Paměť prchavého místa

The theme of my diploma thesis is called 'The Memory of the Elusive place'. The inspiration for choosing this topic was an already existing project: "Endangered Churches". This project is concerned mainly with landscape that was pulled from its context after the expuls...

Kovářová, Ivona
Síla identity

My diploma thesis deals with path of searching, seeking for internal tranquility, certainity (safety) and harmony as we are sending our real I to find all of these aspects. If we are still on our way of seeking, the power of identity fades away as we are f...

Polatová, Tereza

With combining everyday principles in experimental contexts, I came to the abstract output as this kind of personal philosophy can be based on perception and supported by impressions. Perception of abstract shape and consequently a different view I display by symbols for the specta...

Svoboda, Štěpán

Spider in the mailbox is an annual probe and music portrait of contemporary Czech songwriter.

Němec, Aleš

Sculptural object with kinetic and phonetic elements symbolizing the echoes of the totalitarian regime in today's society .

Králová, Karolína
Síla identity

The thesis deals with the phrases, clichés and sayings that are instilled in children in their families. Deeply embedded, they are being passed down from generation to generation. I focused on the psychological aspect of these statements and their impact on the individual who ...

Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 1 až 20 z 58