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Šupolíková, Anna

In my final work I connect the world of ceramics and jewellery from my point of view. We could say that jewellery is like a coin. It has two sides. Both of them must be crafted with precision. The front side and the back with the pin, which connects&#...

Reichsteinová, Natálie

My main concert in my final thesis is definitely 3d printing. My hunger for this technology comes from a previous study which was product design at Ladislav Sutnar faculty of design and art. On the other hand I wanted to understand this technology in combination with ...

Černý, Tomáš

The result of this work is a collection of objects ranging in size and use from small sculptures to bowls. This work could therefore be described as open and welcoming to further growth and development. Through this project I have made sure that my work...

Lišková, Alena

I am not a conservative person and I don't consider it necessary for my art to have a specific purpose. I believe that everyone touched by my work can take something from it in their own way. This key attribute is the one I am also trying to bring ...

Ištvánová, Šárka

17 The set of interior ceramic objects is founded on basic architectural elements and principles. Each ceramic object has a different shape and colour, which are designed to connect, communicate and support each other in play in a uniform rhythm. The whole...

Havlová, Martina

The artwork called "My coat got caught in brambles" consists of a book of photographs and texts and seven tin castings of natural fragments. The presented author's book deals with walking in a landscape, contemplation, observation, plants, natural cycles and time, in which...

Líbal, Ondřej

Interactively sound installation interactively responding to movement

Kalab, Michal
Vnitřní hlas

I created a series of objects. Objects work independently. But together they tell the story of the hero 93. Each of the objects tells a certain part of the story. I created a website and a web gallery. On the web I placed the game. The game&#x...

Huseva, Volha
Vnitřní hlas

The thesis "Inside Voice" is a subjective reflection of the author and is represented by a bathroom, painted with permanent markers. The theme "Inner Voice" itself resonates with what has worried the author lately - "the path to himself", the search for him...

Vido, Alex
Experimentální grafické postupy v ilustraci

The set of paintings, graphics and drawings has two levels of content, real and fictional. The first is based on diary entries, sketches and attempts at ritual in private, quarantine conditions. It continues smoothly into imaginative time and space created by mythological characters...

Bačová, Barbora
Fotografie jako objekt

The work entitled as "Sea Eye" is an imaginative construction of time spent on recreation. The work is an author's selection of photographs, composed in a predetermined atmosphere. The number of frames and their order are not specifically fixed. By removing one ...

Chomiak, Viktor
Tématická fotografická publikace

The photography book of this diploma thesis deals with my personality and my subjective view of the surrounding world. It is about introspection, which I capture through photographs. I examine the visuality of my surroundings. I focus on how different shapes, geometrical planes and...

Ďuríková, Zuzana
Tématická fotografická publikace

The diploma thesis entitled Dust settled on folklore is a photographic project in which the author deals with the recording and connection of folklore with contemporary photography. The Author utopically perceives traditional folklore costumes as dusty boxes from the past, into which fi...

Benešová, Tereza

Reflection on photographic media This thesis is about photography overlapping other media and realizing that contemporary photography exists in many different forms. It can be technical, artistic or it can help in therapy. Photography doesn't need to be specific anymore. Neil ...

Víznerová, Tereza
Video – autorské video

In my diploma thesis I am dealing with morbid medicine topics (pathology, anatomy, surgeries). Also I am working with imagination of viewer. I don't want to simply draw something and say: "Well... this guy fell down from the reef, crushed his skull and died."&#x...

Rohanová, Anne-Marie
Video instalace

I go back to my childhood and to my witch world, that I created in my head as a child. I look back and at the same time let the children's imagination penetrate into my present world, I look for a way to use these children's fantasy ideas, and ...

Pálová, Tereza Amálie
Síla identity

The diploma thesis is focused on creating series of two large-format paintings on the topic "THE POWER OF IDENTITY" in relation to garment. The creative intention of this thesis was focused on author's development of fine arts and design. The chosen processing ...

Klofáčová, Drahomíra

My diploma work is a reflection on the theme of identity, including cultural and psychological influences and references. It's based onmy children's drawings and works, because I think that in this period one dives into the rapids of creativity without the rational brake. F...

Kozlíková, Eliška Marie

My diploma is "The Power of Identity". This is the most demanding job when it comes to the psyche. Memories, experiences, pain - these are the signs that had and still affect my identity. With these characters I tell my story, my own imaginative world.&#x...

Makuryn, Viktar
Interaktivní projekt

The theme of work is the contrast between the physical world and the digital one. The purpose of the work is to make it possible to experience the tension between matter and digital form as intensely as possible. The final artwork is an interactive installati...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 162