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Lázňovský, David

This documentary piece of art will be testimony to different situations and some of my strongest feelings that I have encountered on my hitchhiking trip to Armenia and Georgia.

Fiala, Tomáš

In my early years on the university I have been experimenting with multi-exposure, separating CMYK channels and working with layers in general. Later I started to work with video and it influenced me a lot. I started to think more about the power of editing and a...

Klíma, Dominik
Autorské video

The final installation is comprised by a belt of three pictures, therefore triptych made up of three black 24-inch LCD monitors. The monitors are situated close together with only their frames separating them. They are showing three ritual recordings, which were taken by me in...

Kubíček, Jan

As the theme of my diploma thesis I picked up Reflection of Photography. It's final picture is coming together from two parts which are connected by another theme: city. First part of the content is photographic zine focusing on city street advertisement. I make and&...

Žežula, Jiří

The work is on the boundary between the material experiment and the conceptual object. It is a collection of ceramic objects whose origins, morphology and method of processing are based on philosophy, that man is possessed from the beginning by the desire to control nature...

Trunec, Vít

Interactive instalation, designed to educate the viewer (children in the older school age category) in the field of Internet security with a unique visual experience, with involvment of new technologies from the Internet of Things: Programmable microprocessors, light, audio and visual techno...

Roubalová, Adéla
Každodenní (design)

My diploma thesis discusses the progress of work in the material and the consideration of production processes and progresses. All of the products that I have created are a response to the lack of the necessary attributes, which I have required. What is important to me&#x...

Suttnerová, Tereza
DESIGN SITE SPECIFIC Návrh a realizace designu do studentem zvoleného veřejného prostoru

My work could be divided into three interconnected parts. First part is the product porcelain drinking vessels of different shapes but same design. Several larger porcelain segments represent the second part. Segments can be called individual objects. Both outputs are created in t...

Simethová, Michaela

The whole set consists of three bowls and three plates fitted together. The individual parts are sealed by silicone bands and clamped into brass frame. Combination of these materials are very close to me and support the feeling of everyday use product.

Pánková, Eliška
Co vidím, už tu není

The diploma thesis entitled "What I see is no longer here is an abstract expression of holiness that penetrates through the walls of the chapel of Sts. Felix in Klenove. The tailor made cover for this chapel consists of porcelain bobbins. Each segment is complemented ...

Černáková, Zuzana
RODINNÝ POKLAD, DOMÁCÍ ŠTĚSTÍ Návrh volného souboru užitné keramiky na dané téma

My work is based on the idea of How to keep food fresh. I have designed a fully functional fridge which fundamentaly cools down it's content by force of water devaporation for inner volume of 15 liter. This project was meant to be used at places where electr...

Šácha, Jan
Vnitřní hlas

I have created a site-specific installation from caramelized sugar to abandoned sugar refinery in Dymokury. In my work I tackle with the downgrade of sculpture craft as it is.

Malík, Pavel

On the topic "What I see is no longer here," I elaborated a land art realization that expresses my opinion on the direction of the development of our society and its dialogue with the world around us.

Kristejnová, Adéla

We are inspired by nature and insect is a magically delicate part of it, because in spite of all the well known facts, there still are unanswered "whys" - why were they given such complexity and so many shapes, why the most delicate mechanism of nature were...

Fröhlich, Matěj
Můj dům - můj hrad

Mechanical object with topic My House - my castle, made of steel parts and showing the last human defiance.

Jakimiv, Vojtěch
Co vidím, už tu není

The final form of the project is realized in the area of an abandoned former tin mine Sauersack (in a state of ruin) belonging to a defunct frontier village Rolava near Karlovy Vary. The object served also as a Nazi work camp during the World War 2. The&#x...

Šobrová, Tereza

why did i name the book "First drawings"? A question arose in my mind, which i asked myself, while looking at drawings from my daughter. "When is a person able to make their first mark? Is it in the moment, when they are first capable to grab a&#x...

Veselý, Matej

My master's thesis is titled Hommage a Sutnar and that is precisely what it is trying to achieve. Split into three diverse series, taking inspiration from different aspects of Sutnar's body of work, I present photographic solutions as a tribute to the renowned &...

Tichá, Markéta
Fotografie jako objekt

Clash of two artistic worlds and author's expression across the partnership of the photographer and the sculptor. A series of photographs created on the basis of a cyclical repetition of photo elements, sculpture, photographs.

Lelyukh, Sergey

Prague has inspired me to create a series of city landscapes where reality and fiction blend. Using a hybrid technique that combines painting and photography, I have created an array of urban scenes where each piece of work is a balance between photography and watercolor ...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 87