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Brátová, Anna

For my bachelor's project i have created an illustrated book called Haiku. A format of the book is 210 × 210 mm. Book contains 18 ilustrations of Haiku poems. All ilustrations was made by pencil. The illustrations include motifs such as: everyday life, exaggeration,...

Pánková, Tereza
Krása kolem i v nás

I chose Beauty Around, even within us, as the subject of my Bachelor thesis. I've been thinking about the beauty we see around us and what's beautiful in ourselves. Finally, I decided to dedicate myself to the African himba tribe, which lives in complete harmony w...

Trenov, Samuil
NÁVRH SOUBORU PLAKÁTŮ téma - Umění v prostoru /experimentální způsob publikování plakátu

The bachelor thesis focuses on the inspiration of creating a poster as a way of sharing thoughts and emotions with people. The thesis is inspired by movie posters that were able to convey a piece of the story of the film and make people want to watch it. Th...

Aitchison, Calum Filip
Animovaný film

The animated film introduces us to a coffee machine refiller. His work is repetitive, rhythmic and lonely. In his dynamic routine, he pauses only for a moment at a vending machine where a red-haired girl is watching him from the advertisement. The refiller gets lost ...

Šatopletová, Michaela

A short storybook of 10 pages, each with an interactive or pop-up element. The story is focused on preschool children who suffer from fear or anxiety and is accompanied by colorful illustrations. There are two versions of the cover, one of which lights up when a butt...

Naianova, Anastasiia
Koncept interaktivní narace

A visual concept and trailer for a computer game, lasting 2-4 minutes. The story deals with the issue of the relationship between parents and children, the psychology of human relationships, and socialization. It also touches on the subject of dreams, goals, overcoming social barri...

Koška, Michal

The theme of my Bachelor project is an experimental project. I have decided to reflect in my work 3 topics i have experienced growing up as a queer man. I chose to do so since the first semestral work has been influenced by queer comunity and I felt i...

Štecová, Valerie

My bachelor's thesis focuses on a visual presentation of an organization, in this case on a new project called Brain lightening of the Clinic of burn medicine of University hospital Královské Vinohrady and 3rd Faculty of Medicine. It is a scientific and clinical project of...

Jaroš, Jaroslav

In the bachelor's thesis, auto design was linked with digital design and other favorite things of the author, such as golf, Italy, art, and 3D graphic design. The Porsche 911 from 1989, which was chosen for the thesis, was selected as the iconic sports car. During...

Bernhardtová, Aneta
Dokumentární film

The documentary tells the story of a Czech floorball player Filip Langer. In the past few years, Langer has been a great inspiration to many floorball players worldwide. With his exceptional approach to sport and life, Filip stands out as an excellent athlete. I find Fili...

Bainar, Eduard

The Bike destinations project is both a presentation tool and a format through which different cycling locations can promote themselves. It aims to bring together all the essential information and tips into one understandable whole presented in English for a wide range of cyclists&...

Sejkora, Jan- Jakub

The work deals with the insidious disease of Alzheimer's, aging, and the decline of both the body and the soul.

Mrkvová, Michaela

The topic of my bachelor's thesis is "Inner voice". I am into meaningless use of children's toys. So, my series of plastic objects was made narratively from my own story or stories from other people, who can find in it themselves, connections or their memorie...

Vyškovská, Aneta

My bachelor work, is focused practically on graphic expression or ilustration in public space. It is closely conected with specific place - little church of Saint James the Great in Praha-Petrovice. It reflects its function, visual character and location. The work is composed of&#x...

Gebert, Martin
Síla okamžiků

I found inspiration in my personal life, using painting as a way to better understand my emotions. I explore conflicts and their effects on human emotions through painting. Previous works have focused on conflicts between people, from moments before a confrontation to the aftermath...

Schütz, Martin

Track is a bachelor's work which represents comic book format that resembles topics of existence, transience of life, beauty and sentiment of all quiet and lifeless things around us. It takes reader on a journey of last train ride of an old railway worker, who&...

Čermáková, Markéta

My bachelor work deals with the theme "Shortcut" and follows up my older object "The Flower". It contains about 20-30 objects and ca 50 drawings in hand-bound book. Each object/drawing represents one plant whose form is inspired only by its existing (Czec...

Volfová, Eliška

For my bachelor work I created 37 graphics using the linocut technique. Choosing this technique was based on its practicality and because I couldn't try it in the first year due to distance learning. I've been fond of flowers since I was a kid, that's why ...

Nguyenová, Kristína
Graffiti ve figuře současného světa

Theme Graffiti in the contemporary world: Lost in the Blue is about the attitude of an individual who has grown up in this present. There are four motives: Figure, technology, graffiti, and blue space. Motives are based on what interests me and are reflected...

Zářecká, Eliška

Living Water tells the story of a little girl living in her own imaginary world. In a world where everything is green, fun and beautiful. That is, completely different from the arid wasteland in which she really lives. Her ideas had long since exceeded the level of&#...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 859