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Zelinková, Lucie
Cyklus autorských knih na téma mytologie

My bachelor thesis at Ladislav Sutnar faculty focuses on mythology from three different parts of the world from the perspective of cultural history. The first book deals with mythology of certain Asian nations, the second book concerns mythology of American nations and the last...

Černegová, Viktória
Kniha - Objekt: na téma percepce, doprovázena zvukovou stopou.

The topic of my bachelor project is author book object. I have chosen this topic because I wanted to experiment with book as an object. I have decided to do it, by making an interactive perceptual experience while reading the book. The book is reacting to the&#...

Herodesová, Daniela
Cyklus autorských knih na téma hravá kniha

The cycle of author books is the result of my bachelor project. The books are about three famous Czech musicians. There are lyrics of songs of the musician in each book. The lyrics are then illustrated and readers are supposed to find the character of the musician&#x...

Pratskevich, Aksana

The author's book: Based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen "The Girl Who Trod on the Loaf". My goal was to create a completely new, illustrated, author's book that would be interesting for children, but also could interest adults. I wanted t...

Smolková, Matylda
Cyklus autorských knih, na téma náhody: "Náhodné příběhy"

The cycle of author books made up of populated stories that were created on the basis of game cubes. The 21x21cm books are made of wood. They are stored in a wooden case. I created the cubes with the help of the parography technique. The cubes are stored in...

Su, Alyona
Autorská kniha na téma: DICKENS, Charles. Dětské povídky

Three autor's book and paperbag.

Brytsikava, Iryna
Cyklus autorských knih na téma: Pohádky Hanse Christiana Andersena

As a bachelor work, I have created a set of 3 author books on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales. These books are interconnected only by the author; they are stylistically different. The first book Slavík is made made in watercolor. The second book, "The Brav...

Aichlmanová, Nikola
Cyklus autorských knih na téma recyklace

My final work on the Recycling consists of three author's books with subtitles: Recycling I From the life, Recycling II catalog of garbage, and Recycling III Graphic sheets. Connecting element of books is a choice of paper and printing of subjects which already...

Rutkovský, Patrik
Světlo v obraze

Grouping nine images. Split into two windows, installations. In the overall installation, they should form a folding altar. And the interconnection of two painting worlds, express painting and abstract painting.

Vido, Alex

Final processing of my bachelor thesis is triptych named "Transfiguration".My theme Transfiguration is about merging parts of human, animal anatomy, details of nature such as rind of trees, stones structure and so on to the one scape. The main effort was to create a ...

Syslová, Sára

The theme of my bachelor thesis is the sublime, taking into account the definition of the sublime by Immanuel Kant. Especially, it is a process of thinking closely related to the themes of infinity and existence. I created three paintigs, 130 cm x 115 cm. They solve&...

Le, Ha Thu

My concern lies with narcissism, the past, and myself. I deal with the issue of identity and individuality, myself - "I" - as a reflection of reality. I am naively creating my curriculum vitae by visual and spatial means. The theme of "I" is conveyed&...

Ivanovský, Jakub
Design obalu průmyslového výrobku

The eight piece edition of gramophone vinyl covers with title Women of Jazz inspired by the famous French artist Henri Matisse. The whole edition contains 8 different performers, primarily female vocalists of the jazz era. Motives on cover reacts individually on the characters of&#...

Šverčič, Richard
Autorská kniha

The topic of my bachelor work is Author'sBook The topic of my book is about my neighborhood Nusle in Prague, where Ihave grown up. All work is on a highly personal level, because Nusle is my precious home, and it will be all my life wherever Iwill live ...

Balcarová, Tereza
Barvy noci, stíny dne

My bachelor work on "Shadows of the Day and Colors of the Night" contains a set of four paintings. Which captures one village in the northern part of the Czech Republic. I chose the oil-painting technique to allow me a larger range of colors. It is a s...

Borshch, Daria
Stigmata generace "Y"

My bachelor thesis contains four paintings. This is a series of images. Every picture shows the different situations of our life. Images are the letter "Y". The sequence of images is from the bottom up. The bottom picture is the landscape in the ideal world...

Paines, Thomas
Koordinovaný vizuální styl organizace + web

Creation of a new corporate identity for a local dentist. (Making a brand new logo, buisness cards, appointment cards, diary, calendar and a website preview).

Fialová, Tereza
VIZUÁLNÍ ŘEŠENÍ - Styl a Propagace: Kulturní akce + web

The initiative to create a whole visual identity for a cultural event is an effort to challenge myself. The promotion of a cultural event is focused on a small music festival called Rock for Churchill. This festival started in 2000 as a charity event trying to save the Saint J...

Hradcová, Pavla
Koordinovaný vizuální styl organizace + web

This work presents a new coordinated visual style, including logo and web for a non-profit cultural organisation called Naruby. This organization regularly organises different cultural events, focusing on cinema projections, exhibitions and concerts performed by local artists. The new logo repres...

Eštoková, Anna
Autorská kniha

Pilsen architecture manual is a project produced by the Foster the City association. It presents development of architecture at the beginning of the 20th century. At this time the database contains more than 300 objects with texts, including contemporary photographs and reproduction of&...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 394