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Kopecká, Kateřina

In my work I wanted to give an idea of my stance on ceramic creation. I've made a set of 80 pieces, which consist of 8 recurrent forms. Each piece has its own specific glaze. Every individual object arouses various associations in a viewer. Associations that are&...

Lipa, Pavol
Má mysl je jako stěhovaví ptáci

I have created an experimental clay structure on which the material is still in working process because of the weather conditions. I have created it in hope that it will catch the eye of passing people.

Fojtů, Klára

The upper part of the object, which I named 'Intersection', shows the difficult passage of a narrow space, zigzagging and dodging between obstacles. Thorns penetrating space are supposed to evoke aggression in states of distress as if strange spikes are stabbing me from whi...

Kovalenko, Daniella

I chose the theme: "Colors of nights and shadows of the day". In the cycle of painting, I wanted to show another way of painting. I am using basic elements in the concept of painting, that is light and color. I showed it by using colored&...

Švandová, Lucie
Specific landart

The bachelor´s thesis on the topic of Specific landart points to defunct settlements and solitudes due to the construction of the Slapy reservoir. The result is a landart building sensitively placed into the terrace of a rocky hill in the village of Nebřich. The landart o...

Kapr, Jakub
"UNEXPECTED ........."

My work is based on the use of a simple container, "ultimate" container, which using components from building materials, hardware or plumbing and possible punching of designated holes, can be transformed into several different useful containers such as a mug, pint, flowerpot, ...

Voláková, Karla
Konvolut ustálených prototypů měr

The tea set is made primarily for loose tea. It combines European volume parameters with a traditional shape. The whole concept is complemented by a strainer and a lid with a wooden handle and wooden tray. The whole set combines history and tradition connected with modern...

Nácalová, Viktorie

As the topic for my final work I chose to create a porcelain set for small children. In today's world it is more and more popular to make children's life easier in all aspects of their life, even in eating - children eat from indestructible dishes, often ...

Bialiayeu, Mikalai

I was born in a very religious family, so I wanted to dedicate my bachelor's thesis to the important part of my life in which I was now disappointed, and I would like to share my experiences and thoughts on the subject. I wanted to provoke reaction and ...

Ježková, Sylva
I Have Lived (atmosférická hra)

I Have Lived is an atmospheric game for casual players. The story revolves primarily around existential questions and feelings of emptiness. The player plays as both main characters in a journey to revive an unnamed world with the help of Essences. Emphasized are dreamy and&#x...

Kadečka, Matouš
Dokumentární Video

The documentary movie Ladislav Král is about the pastor of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethern. Ladislav Král was born on September 12, 1902 in Hodslavice in Moravia in a believing family. He worked for the main part of his professional life at the parish in&#x...

Vlček, Matěj

DIES DIEM DOCET. is a short documentary video, which concerns the contemporary conditions of today's fast fashion industry. Step by step we fill our closets with dozens of unused clothes. Yet, we never have enough and are still hungry for more. Large corporations hire...

Jarošíková, Andrea

The light object site-specific. The cell sized 220x220x220cm placed in industrial space MM theatre. The interior is full of cells and the ground covered with green grass. The walls are made of plants but also foil, which partially absorbs and reflects projection from exterior ...

Krčková, Michaela
Mé místo je tento svět

I chose theme My place is this world. I could deal creatively with the bark beetle issue. The forests in Vysočina region were nearly destroyed. I wanted to place the sculptures in ruined landscape and point out the tragic situation. In the same time I wanted to ...

Ottová, Michaela
Světelný objekt plastika

The interactive installation in virtual reality called Ego is based on a theme that the author draws from his own experiences in the past and from his own perception of people from his immediate surroundings and also his understanding of himself. Which, after relativization, t...

Tichá, Veronika

In my thesis, I try to point out the influence of our emotions and how to handle them by basic knowledge of how the brain works in decision making. Our reality is formed by our emotions, thoughts, and deep-rooted moral beliefs influenced by value patterns of behavior...

Rubriciusová, Kristýna
Média a experiment

The main topic chosen for this bachelor thesis is Media and Experiment. This was a combination of different processes and materials. I decided to build my bachelor's thesis on a work from a previous year. My goal was to move forward with this work. In the&...

Piňos, Daniel
Věda a umění

A key element of this bachelor thesis has become an introspective view mapping the material essence of my consciousness through advanced methods of magnetic resonance and photogrammetry. Clinical results revealed a unique structure, that reflects remarkably reduced reality leaving a permane...

Součková, Viktorie
Média a experiment

I chose the topic of Media and experiment for my bachelor's work. I decided to create a conceptual installation using classical media like painting combined with a sculptural approach. The installation is connected in a triangle of three elements and forms one whole.

Beránková, Anežka

Creating just Author's Video for Bachelor's work, was the closest choice I could make. Even before High School and throughout my studies at this school, it was making short videos that became my favorite form to show people through the concentric nature o...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 552