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Polanská, Karolína
Video - Autorské video

So I decided to interface makeup artist's job with history of arts. Nowadays we are also very influenced by social networks such as instagram, where we can see sou much of an "artificial" beauty and I think this can cause many problems primarily for young pe...

Krausová, Dominika

The result is illustrations for the story The Last Wolf by Martin Vopěnka. The illustrations are created by the technique of collage, for which I used hand-colored and textured paper and tracing paper. Everything was glued and then scanned. The only input on the computer ...

Kudinova, Marina

A tale of how one accidental encounter with a tiger can change a hunter's whole life.

Čechura, Ondřej
UNEXPECTED/ Nepředvídaný

I experimented with ceramic material and its surface in order to create an abstract object expelling from previous research.

Mrázek, Robin
Ilustrovaná pop-up kniha

Two books, one illustrated and one pop-up, tell the story of James and the Giant Peach, a children's book by the british writer Roald Dahl.

Nguyen ba, Thao Nguyen
Ilustrovaná knížka pro starší mládež

Vietnamese secondary school students performing a Vietnamese folktale in a form of theatre play, to present parts of their own culture to Czech classmate during a multicultural festival.

Ljadova, Alexandra
Ilustrovaná autorská kniha

Authors´s book on the topic of microorganisms, based on the theme of single cell organisms. Techniques used are watercolour, ink drawing and digital collage.

Kašparová, Kateřina
Média a experiment

The final result is sculptures expressing fragility and heaviness, not only visible to human eyes. It consists of four plaster sculptures in an original format 8 x 14 cm. The original format is a cuboid and from both its sides there are detail parts of an obese ...

Kratochvílová, Linda
Fotografie jako příběh

The photos included in my author´s book have been collected during several years and they are ranked within a timeline of one day. Time is the order of this book, and at the same time, it is an element of unexpected connections. My aim was&#...

Kobr, Jonáš
Filmové zpracování povídky, pohádky, bajky, básně nebo hudební skladby.

Animated adaptation of fairy tail Konec velkého šamana by Jan Suchl. Film is created by cut-out animation combine with drawing animation.

Hausenblas, Lukáš
Média a experiment

Time when word and text are replaced by another form of communication. The video deals with an image where elements of surrealism take place away from the real world, which is and is not reachable. The plot is situated in two flats, which are directly above each ...

Drechslerová, Katharina

This bachelor thesis is dedicated to one's intimate relationship to an object. I have already dealt with the topic of the seeming insignificance of the object and its visualization in my previous works, but I have focused primarily on my personal feelings. In my bach...

Kohoutová, Lenka
Dokument: "Rašómon"

These days social anxiety is quite a serious problem, but still very few people know about it. I decided to show social anxiety in through art, for people to understand what social anxiety is and how teribble people can feel in the society.

Hojdová, Julie
Fashion: ne - módní fotografie: fotografie módní kolekce v odlišném stylu, než je v současnosti běžný

This bachelor thesis deals with Fashion: non - fashion photography: Photography of fashion collections in a different style than is currently common. The thesis will analyse the history of fashion photography, including representatives who had an important role in shaping this photographic&#...

Dudíková, Tereza

Main focus of this bachelor thesis is architecture and space photography. I attempted to document industrial spaces of Vápenka Čertovy schody, located in proximity of Beroun. I chose this entity because of its unique atmosphere and my previous experience with it. First part o...

Šimanovská, Tereza

Grandfather remembers old times, when he was traveling with his friends around the world and they had so much fun.

Dym, Aliaksandr

I was taking a pictures of people and some different objects that interact with the landscape and create a surreal picture.

Lazar, Ondřej

Animated adaptation of audio short story, from ostrava's diary. Plot is based around aging middle aged man, living in Ostrava. He recieves call from his sister, which asks him to get rid of her christmas tree after holidays. In the story we get to k...

Svatoňová, Marie
Autorský animovaný film

Story of three mytological heroes in the modern age.

Kopřivová, Lucie
Everyday (design) / Design všedních věcí

My work is based on the idea of home preparation of alternative breads for people who want to eat wholesome food without high amounts of carbohydrates and gluten. My aim is to return the preparation and baking of bread in the household in a different and healthier&#x...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 460