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Hartmanová, Lucie
Ekonomická diplomacie České republiky

The bachelor thesis is focused on characterizing the economic diplomacy, its development in the Czech Republic and abroad and it is also aimed at assessing the added value of the institutions and agencies involved in the economic diplomacy. The first part of the thesis defines...

Bouzek, Petr
Fundraising vybrané nestátní neziskové organizace

This paper deals with fundraising applied on a nonprofit organization. The main aim is to evaluate the present possibilities of acquiring financial means of a chosen nonprofit organization, analyze them and suggest several other possibilities of money acquisition. The first part of this...

Šestáková, Kateřina
Situační analýza pivního trhu - pivní limonády firmy Sternquell

The presented work deals with the analysis of the environment in the German beer market based on the information and data of Sternquell Brauerei GmbH and their product Bierbrause. The work also focuses on consumer behaviour. The marketing research has the task of determining w...

Ta, Minh Hieu
Postoj České republiky k členství v eurozóně a možné ekonomické dopady

The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the Czech Republic's readiness to join the Eurozone, to map the opinions of economists, politicians and the public on entering the Eurozone and to assess whether entry into the Eurozone will bring benefits or risks to the Czech&#x...

Novák, Petr
Faktory ovlivňující nákupní rozhodovací proces zákazníka při výběru dovolené po Evropě

The thesis is focused on customer's purchase decision process in choice of holiday in Europe. It defines terms that are related to this process, as well as elements that are able to affect the consumer during the whole procedure. It also targets marketing activities of...