Katedra energetických strojů a zařízení / Department of Power System Engineering


Recent Submissions

Jouja, Lukáš
Návrh trubkového výměníku pro potravinářský průmysl

The bachelor's thesis deals with design and manufacturing a double pipe heat exchanger for food industry. It focuses on heat exchangers used in home brewing, including the advantages and disadvantages of different designs. Part of the bachelor's thesis is the measurement...

Pospíchal, Jan
Analýza vzduchového chlazení olejového okruhu šroubového kompresoru

The bachelor's thesis analyzes the flow and heat transfer in the heat exchanger connected to the SMARTRONIC screw compressor housing from ATMOS Chrást s.r.o. using numerical simulation. The work aims to describe the flow in all parts of the exchanger and to determine the d...

Čutka, Vojtěch
Větrné elektrárny s vertikální osou rotace

This bachelor thesis describes the working principle of vertical axis wind turbines. Furthermore, it summarizes different designs and lists their pros and cons. Last part is focused on the design and economic analysis of the 100-kW turbine.

Štejr, Michal
Analýza a návrh antivibračního opatření pro ukotvení venkovní jednotky TČ

This work addresses the issue of vibration spreading from the outdoor heat pump unit to the surroundings. It focuses on the connection between the unit and a bracket which is used for anchoring the unit. The aim is to verify the existing solution and, if neces...

Kubíková, Tereza
Energetické zařízení využívající odpadní teplo

Diploma's thesis suggests a suitable closed thermodynamic cycle for waste heat from a cement plant by using the alternative working fluids. A pair of closed working cycles is compared: supercritical CO2 cycle (sCO2) and Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC). In the case of ORC, the ...